Friday, October 10, 2008

6 going on Major TEENAGER!!!!

My sweet little twins are going to turn 7 in just 2 short weeks. Where has the time gone? At times, however, it is hard to believe that they are ONLY going to be 7. Especially in L's case. She seems more like she is should be going into Jr. High. For evidence, I offer the following...

A couple of nights ago, B asked me if I could write him a note before I went to bed. I decided I would comply, but that I should also write one for all the kids so no one felt left out. L was the first one up and was so happy to find her letter lying on her pillow when she woke up. She ran upstairs all happy to give me a hug to show her pleasure. I can't remember exactly what I wrote, but something about how good she had been the day before when we took our pictures and that I loved her. During breakfast, she brought me the following note (minus the orange corrections):
For those of you who don't read 1st grade, it says: "since we were good for pictures, can you take us to my favorite place? Can I go first?" When I asked for clarification, her favorite place was to go to Village Inn for breakfast, and she wanted it to be a one on one date, her first, then the other kids could have their turns later. About 45 minutes later, I was on the phone in the office when she brought the letter back to me with the additions in orange crayon. The translation: Can I not go!!! While the explantion points are not on there, believe me, they were there when she delivered it to me. It was thrown down on the desk as she glared at me then marched out. About 5 minutes after that (while I was still on the phone) she stormed and threw down the following letter:
This one says: You are mean. I read B's letter. Attached to it was the letter I wrote to B.

I asked her why this was mean. She was livid because she said his was better because it said he had a great smile. (But in my defense, please look at the picture below and tell me who could argue?I asked her if she would like a new letter and she said yes. I wrote her another one complimenting her beautiful smile that lights up my life and a few other compliments (more than B had in his letter) and that pacified her. A few minutes later, she came into me with a huge smile and brought me this letter:

I'll do my best to translate this one, but it is a little bit harder. She read it to me, but I can't remember all of it. Here goes.
pg. 1: Love L as I love you
pg. 2: 10-10-08 [they have been learning how to date things at school]
From L
To Mommy
and I'm sorry. I like you and I love you. I don't think you are mean. I know that you are nice. I over
pg. 3: love you love L

She really makes me laugh...either that or cry! Heaven help me when she is actually a teenager!


Andrea W. said...

That is GREAT stuff! Oh the drama these little girls cook up. So funny.

John, Lynnae, and Family said...

I have two words. Good Luck!!! It is fun having teenagers and going to do things and joking around, but the drama is a killer.