Thursday, March 31, 2011

Did Someone Steal My Camera?

There is a very hard and fast rule in my house about my camera...NO ONE TOUCHES MY CAMERA. Nonetheless, everytime I go to download pictures, I always find plenty of pictures that I'm pretty sure that I didn't take. Usually, it is just KL who plays with the camera, but I'm pretty sure that these first few are from L, as she is the only one in the house who thinks this guy is totally unbelieber-able!! (yes I did!)

And now on to some of KL's highlights:

And she finally got the shots she was looking for!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ritz Anyone?

A is very much an explorer these days. Whenever she sees a door open, she heads straight for it--especially if she can sense she shouldn't be in it. The rest of the kids haven't totally figured this out, and so therefore, don't always close doors that should be shut. Not too long ago, one of the kids left the pantry open, as well as opening a package of Ritz, then leaving them on the bottom shelf where they would be easily accessible for a future pantry raid. I walked into the kitchen that day to see this:

(By the way, I did do her hair this day. This was just late in the afternoon--long after she had pulled out half of her ponytails.)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dual Loyalties

So, everyone knows we are first and foremost Bronco fans. Nothing has changed that, and frankly, probably every will--even if Spencer ends up playing someplace else in the future. Still... we can still like other teams.

I've always had a place in my heart for the Packers every since my summer I spent living 30 minutes from Green Bay just after my Freshman year of college. This has been compounded by having Tracey and Emma be a part of lives/family. When they were here visiting us in January, they brought each of the kids a shirt. Here they are wearing them on Superbowl Sunday.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A while back, we decided to have a little fun day with the preschoolers. We were going to try adn go to the zoo, but it was just too cold that day. Instead, we went to Bounce U. The kids absolutely loved it! In fact, us mom's had a lot of fun too. There were all sorts of big inflatable bounce houses and 1 huge slide. The slide was definitely the big hit. It was a blast! It is where spent most of our time.

KL going into a little inflatable obstacle course.

A was happiest playing on the floor with the little toys.

Jill and Lily

Me and KL

Me and KL


Mariana with A, Jill with Lily


KL, Julia, Gun

Gun, Annie, KL

Me holding A, someone holding KL and Mariana holding Lily
(I had lots of fun going down, but poor A was terrified. She could sense what would happen when we sat down at the top of the slid and she grabbed on with a death grip!)