Monday, February 28, 2011

Goodbye, Farewll

As we all know, all good things must come to an end. We had such a great time with Grandpa Allan and Grandma Shirley and were so sad to see them go. We really wish we could see them more, but are so thankful for the time we get. One morning, Shirley came upstairs after the kids had come down to make sure they were up so Grandpa and Grandma could walk them to school. She looked at me and said, "He is REALLY enjoying his grandkids." My response was, "They are REALLY enjoying him." (...and Grandma too, of course!!!)

Here are just some pictures of the morning they left.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


While Dave's parents were here, we decided to take a little lunch date to a Tepanyaki restaurant. Since most of the kids were at school, we just got to take the littlest ones with us (much to the dismay of the 4 older). Anyway, it was a fun time for us!

Grandpa, Grandma, KL and A

A REALLY like the food! She loved this corn especially.

The chef was a cute kid who really seemed to cater to KL. She had fun!

She was both intrigued and terrified when they would do the big fire. I really loved this picture!

Here is a little video of the girls reaction to when he first lit the big fire.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Temple with Grandpa and Grandma

We got to have Grandpa Allan and Grandma Shirley come and see us a couple of weeks ago. Naturally, it was so much fun for all of us and it was over far too soon. I really do love my in-laws. Whenever I hear people express difficulties about their in-laws, I'm always surprised, because I just can't relate. The only complaint that I can come up with is that they are too far away and we don't get spend nearly enough time with them! Nonetheless, we tried to make the most of the time we did have with them, and we had some fun!

One special thing we got to do was to go and take David to the temple. This was his 2nd time. He got to go in December with our ward, but this was the first time I go to with any of my kids. It was such a special experience for me! My dad had some family names he was able to be baptized for and Grandpa Allan was able to preform those ordinances. My mom was also there with us since she had just finished her weekly temple shift, so Shirley, my mom and I were all able to watch.

Here is David with Grandpa and Grandma after.

Me and my baby boy!

The day before, I had taken Allan and Shirley to go and pick oranges. Allan really had fun. (In fact to quote him, "This is the most fun I've ever had in AZ.") I was telling them how great it is when the trees blossom in March because of how good they smell. Well, there was a tree that was blossoming on the temple grounds. The smell wasn't nearly as fragrant as normal, but you could still smell it. Here they are trying to catch a whiff.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hot Air Balloon

A couple of weeks ago, a hot air balloon was floating around the sky really low pretty close our house. All the kids were having fun watching it. Suddenly, we realized it really was coming down next door to our house, so we decided to go and take a look. Sure enough, there is an empty lot just on the other side of us, and there was the balloon! We weren't the only people who decided to check out the spectacle. I think everyone in about a 1/2 mile radius was there. It ended up being quite a fun neighborhood event!

Jill and Lily

CK had been laying down all day sick, but she just couldn't resist the pull of the balloon!

Just as a point of reference, this is how close it was to our house. Our house is the roof you see between the 2 trees!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

School Foorball

D just got done with school flag football. He worked hard to get on the team, and gave it his all every time. His team was undefeated in the regular season, but lost in the championship game. They played well, and we had lots of fun watching their games. I forgot to take out the camera whenever he was playing, but I did manage to get this cute picture of him on the sidelines during halftime.

Right after the district championship game for the 7th graders, was the championship for teh 8th graders. My little brother Roman's team had been undefeated during their regular season. Unfortunately, they too, lost, but once again, they played great and it was fun to watch! Roman had a few amazing catches. Here he is as he was about to catch an interception.

We also got to enjoy this fabulous sunset! :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Look, Ma! No Tooth! (Part 2)

I'm happy to report that CK finally lost her second tooth. Thankfully, this time it was far less traumatic then when her first tooth was lost. This time, I was doing her hair talking about how she was nervous about going to the dentist in case he wanted to take her tooth out. I told her to show me her tooth. Sure enough, it was just gone! She didn't believe me at first, but she finally stuck her finger in her mouth and noticed it was gone. At hearing this, L ran downstairs and found a nice envelope under her pillow from the Tooth Fairy. What a pleasant surprise! She went to bed with a tooth still securely in her mouth, and woke up with not tooth, but a dollar! This is truly the way to go! She has absolutely no recollection of how it came out. She's not complaining though!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Where Do They Get These Things?!?!?

This morning, KL brought me a little bit of the peel from her orange and told me to throw it away. I was at the computer and busy working on our taxes, so I told her to go and do it. The next thing I knew, she had her mouth wide open and was lightly clamping down on my arm, while telling me that if I didn't go and throw it away, she would bite me. I finally told her that if she bit me, I would spank her and that wouldn't feel so good. She was very outraged by this and turned to go run to her room. She stopped to turn around and yell one last thing to me. "Mommy, You'w wuinin my yife!!!" (you're ruining my life.) Oh, how it starts young! (admittedly, I probably should have really reprimanded her, but it was all I could do to not just bust up laughing!)