Sunday, November 29, 2009


This post is obviously overdue. Sorry! Still, it was a very special day for the twins, and especially for Dave and I. It is already an extremely special experience to see your child baptized, but 2 at the same time? I really am thankful for all of my kids, but it was a day to be especially thankful for those 2 and the great kids they are.

I had them get together before we left for a quick picture, but KL insisted on jumping in.Here is just the 2 of them. We got B a new suit for the occasion. He is so overwhelmingly proud of it. He just couldn't wait to show it off to everyone.
Here they are in their white clothes:
They were so lucky to have both of their grandmas here.
Grammy, Grandma Shirley, B, L
Dave, Me, L, and B
Dave and B
L wanted my dad to baptize her.
CK insisted on jumping in for a picture
Grandpa, L, CK, B, Dave
Grandpa, L, B, Dave

We had a special surprise for my parents that day. My little sister has been up at BYU-I. She wasn't going to be able to come home for Thanksgiving, but Jill and I were able to arrange for her to come down. She flew home the night before, but no one but us knew about it. It was my parents anniversary that day, so it was a special surprise for them. I pulled my dad out into the foyer. He was a little overcome with emotion.
Here is she is with my mom.

This is just a cute picture of my little brother, Erik with CK and my niece Evelynne after.
So, as you can see, it was a very special day. I'm so thankful that B and L wanted to be baptized, and am also so grateful for all the wonderful family and friends that were able to come and support them.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Girls

When Dave and I were in San Francisco, we bought these dresses for the girls in Chinatown. I just had to post the pictures because they looked so cute. :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Birthday #8x2 (+1#1)

Wow!!! They are 8 now! It is hard to believe just how fast time can fly. It took me a while to get this post up because it has taken us awhile to get through all the celebrations! Here is the wrap up of everything:

We started a little tradition this year that has been lots of fun so far. We take the kids on a birthday date. We did B's first. (mostly because he has felt a little neglected because last year L got to get out of school early to take some friends to go and see HSM3--which came out on their big day. Of course, B had no desire to go see it, but nonetheless, he has felt like he got a bit of the shaft last year). When we asked him where he wanted to go, he asked for Wendy's. Why? Because he wanted a big hamburger. We convinced him we could do better than Wendy's and so we took him to Red Robin. Wow. He soon agreed that it was much better.

Here he is with his Dad.

Eating his big hamburger (compete with a fried egg and bacon on it), with his raspberry shake.

Getting a big kick out of being sung to by the waiters and waitresses after they brought him his ice cream sundae.
After Red Robin, we went over to Dick's Sporting Goods so he could pick out a new football. We let him try out a few of the things there. Here he is trying to pull down on a weight system. (he was feeling pretty strong until I let go, then it pulled him straight up)

The next day, we had a big party. Dave's cousin's little boy turned 1 on the same day so we combined their parties. Dave's Aunt and Uncle were both here from Hawaii, along with other family members from California so it was lots of fun.

Here are the birthday kids:


The only thing L really wanted at her party was a pinata. Here are the kids taking turns on it.

Max (with Andria's help)
KL (with Dave's help) (do you notice how long that line is forming to take their turns?)
Unfortunately, most of the kids didn't get a chance to hit it. It broke pretty early on. We did our best to keep it together long enough for the little kids who really were just aching for their turn. Hopefully, we got those who were turning to tears since they didn't get to hit.

Here are the kids opening presents.

B with his new scriptures... although his real prize was the fact that he got 3 skateboards!!! Wow. Life is good.
L on her new bike.
Jared showing of his skills with the hula hoop.

Andria is quite amazing when it comes to cakes. She made this one for the kids. Notice how L's pumpkin "Hello Kitty" :)
Max, L, and B blowing out their candles.
Isn't it the 1 yr old who is suppose to make the huge mess with the cake?

I finally was able to take L for her bday date yesterday. Dave was suppose to come, but he was asked to help out on D's scout campout at the last minute. It was probably for the best, because I really don't think he would have had to much fun with our post-dinner activity. She wanted to go and spend her birthday money and it should come as no surprise to anyone that she wanted to buy clothes. So, it was a fun little girls night.Unfortunately, when I pulled the camera out at dinner to take some pictures, I found that my battery was dead. Still, she had fun at dinner and just loved being sung too. Picking out the clothes she wanted was quite an experience for her too. Here is a picture of her this morning with all her clothes she bought:
(Don't you love the blue lips? From a ring pop. She was thrilled to have a little money left after her shirt, pants, dress and 2 pairs of shoes for some candy.)

B is still feeling slightly slided because he has some birthday money left and I haven't taken him to spend his yet. Maybe he can hang on to it until next year...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Soccer Season '09

The fall soccer season is winding down. Only a few games left and I finally remembered to bring my camera to catch some of the action!

I didn't get a good close up of B, but I did of Zach

B and Z together attacking the ball. B is the one with the white long sleeves under his jersey, and the white socks... yes we have lost his official socks. I'm not sure what a season would be like where we made it to the end with everything! It should help him ot feel better to see that Z has also lost his red soccer socks and is wearing black.
Going after the ball again. Unfortunately, I didn't get it, but he did score a goal this game. A fact he is very proud of. :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just Being Cute

A little while ago, I was at B's soccer game. It was one of the rare time I remembered to bring the camera, and I have to admit that I took more pictures of KL probably than the game, but I couldn't help it... she was being pretty cute.

My niece and nephew were also there and were so cute to play with her. Here they all are:
KL was just loving this little light post and kept posing so perfectly, that I couldn't help but take lots of pictures of her.
KL and Anna

Just one more cute little thing about this day... as we were walking over to the game, we passed a little girl who was walking with her dad and crying. KL looked up at me and said, "Mom, dat giwl twyin!" I said, "Yes she is." Then KL said, "She need a nap!"

... and now... for a little of her cute attitude in action.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween '09

Another Halloween has successfully come and gone. Here are the pictures to prove it.

First, we had the kids Fall Festival at school.

Here are the girls, L (geisha girl), CK (witch) and KL (wonder woman)

B-- a football player (I know, where's our creativity?)
KL and CK enjoying the bounce house
My sister Mariana came with me to the festival to help with the kids. Here she is taking the kids on the hay ride.

The next weekend started with our ward's Trunk or Treat. Kelvin, Lisa, Jared, Andria, and the boys came along for the fun.

Here is Andria with Ethan and Max eating dinner.

KL loved trying to roll down the hill. Here she trying:
Here is how she usually got down. She couldn't roll, so she would sit up after a few minutes and scoot. All the time, laughing!
Ethan and CK
L, Anna and KL

Finally, the big night came. We had everyone over here for a chile dinner before going out trick or treating. Here are all the pictures of the kids:

KL in all her glory. I just love this costume! It was CK's and I have hardly been able to wait to reuse it. Please note her pose... Dave taught her to "fly" so she would strike this pose, then take off running making a "swooshhh" sound.
Grammy helping her fly.
Roman and Vasa
Uncle Erik flying along side with KL
Erik with the girls (I feel like a horrible mom because this was the picture I got of CK all night. Trust me... she looked awfully cute!)
All the football players
Roman, D, B Josh
Mariana (Hanna Montana), Julia (Black Bride), Anna (Minnie Mouse)
Scott... The Austrian Body Builder. Trust me, this picture doesn't do justice to just how frightening this costume really was. Just to give you an idea, those shorts he is wearing belong to my 9 year old nephew.
Me and Jill... ok, so no costumes there.

I saved this picture for last because I just love it so much. As much as I loved the front view, I just laughed and laughed every time I saw this view running away from us.