Monday, June 13, 2011

Picnic Fun

My mom gave KL a little picnic basket set for her birthday. She was so excited to have it and couldn't wait to use it! So, we packed it all up and invited Sambrown over for lunch. They were so excited to take it outside and get it all set up.

I peaked out after a few minutes and saw this. We had already had a blessing on the food, but I love that Sambrown made sure they had another one once they had their feast set up.

Aren't they cute?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Celebration of Learning, 2011

Among all the end of school year festivities, we were able to go and see what the kids were doing all year at Celebration of Learning.

The 3rd grade put on a singing performance so the twins were a part of that.

Here is L with her best friend Lily while they were waiting to go in.


After the singing, we went down to the 1st grade hallway. CK's class was decorated with an underwater theme. Here she is with Mrs. MacRobbie.

Then we got to visit the twins classroom. They have been working on country reports. B did his on Scotland (which is why he wanted to wear his shirt with tartan tie). We had to make an instrument that is from his country. Here he is with his bagpipes.

L did Russia. She made an overtone flute.

D was part of the "Living Wax Museum" with the rest of the 7th graders. Unfortunately, by the time the twins performance was over, so was his. I didn't get to see him doing his thing, but he showed us all later. He was Jim Thorpe.

It is hard to believe that another year is gone! The time really does fly fast. Now, we get to spend the next couple of months enjoying each other even more!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dance, Spring 2011

Princess KL took dance again this semester and loved it again. She really is funny. She knows all the names of the things she likes to do

Taking a bow...

A enjoyed exploring once she allowed to wander a little.

With her wonderful teacher, Ms. Crystal

Just a little bit of live action... so cute!

Friday, June 3, 2011

1st Grade Preformance

We got to go to CK's first grad performance just before school let out for the year. She was so excited to show off her songs that she had been practicing for weeks. She was so diligent in getting the RSVP's so she knew how many people would be coming to watch her and there would be enough chairs.

This year started out in kindergarten for her, and I really agonized about moving her to 1st grade, but I'm rally happy with the decision we made. It was the right one and she really has excelled. It is just amazing how much of a sponge for knowledge little kids are!

KL waiting for the performance (it was on her birthday!)

There was some sheer panic in her face right up until she saw us! She was so worried we weren't there.

After the singing, we went back to her room for some cookies and to see all that they have been working on. Grammy was there so here they are together.
Of course, KL had to jump in for a pic too.

The class doing silly faces.

With Wonderful Ms. MacRobbie. She is the same teacher that the twins had and I just love her. She is such a wonderful caring teacher and I can only hope the little girls get her too!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another Year Closer to the Top of the Hill

We celebrated Dave's birthday just a few days before the princess's. He told her several times that day that she was his best birthday present ever, even if she came just a few days late. She just loved hearing that, even if she didn't totally grasp it. Here he is with with the rest of our treasures (KL had fallen asleep by this point.)

Opening presents...he is wondering why I wrapped up his was because I got him a scripture app for his phone.

Just about the only thing he requested for his birthday was to have cinnamon rolls instead of a cake. I woke up nice and early and got going on them. Unfortunately, the got a little over cooked and so they weren't all they could have been. I don't think he ended up eating any. That's ok. The kids didn't seem to notice anything was amiss with them, even if Dave and I could. Still-- what a bummer when you put all that work into something and have it all fall apart 3 minutes from the end!
All in all, it was a pretty laid back day, but I hope he felt as loved and appreciated as he made me feel on my birthday!