Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We got to take a wonderful family vacation up to Colorado to visit my sister Annie and her family. We all had such a great time and I so thankful that the kids got to spend time with some more of their cousins.

One of the first things we did, and one of the top things on the list that the boys wanted to do, was to go up to Mile High Stadium. Here are some pictures of all that excitement!

D, Ty, L, B and Gun

My cute little neice, Ab



One of the big draws to Mile High Stadium was going to the team store and taking advantage of the player's discount. They kids had a blast looking at all the fabulous Bronco products and dreaming off all the things they wanted to spend money on, and lamenting that I wasn't willing to spend.

L, Gun, Ab, and Annie
A had fun playing with the big foam hands. The only problem was that she wouldn't stay still long enough for me to get a good picture. Still, you can definitely get an idea of how fun it was.

Another thing we did at Mile High was to go and visit the Colorado Sports Museum that was at the Stadium. There was a little area that had lots of sports uniforms that the kids could try on. They had lots of fun with that too.

CK in skies

L, football or cheerleader?

A trying to figure out how to put on the gloves

L, Cheerleading it is, I guess.



L: On second thought, maybe it is football after all!

B and A


Ty, these are some sort of football pants/pads


We spent a day up at Estes Park. It is a beautiful little town about 1 hour north of Boulder. There was tons of snow which the kids were thrilled about, but we were less than prepared. I had actually brought 2 sets of clothes so that we could go sledding, after we had a chance to walk around the town and the kids could have some dry clothes to go home in. Well, as soon as we parked and they saw the snow, they were diving in, with their canvas shoes and everything. I especially kept telling L to stay out of the snow because she would get her shoes wet and her feet would freeze. I turned out for a little bit and then gave my attention back to her, only to see how she had rectified the situation. She had taken off her shoes so she could then run around in the knee deep snow in her socks. Hmmm... I wasn't too surprised when she started complaining about how cold her feet were a little while later. Still, they had a great time!

Annie pulling the little kids around on the sled.

B and A on Main Street in Estes Park

Dave, A, L, D, B, Gun, CK, KL, Ty

After walking around the town and looking at the shops, we found a nice hill to take the kids sledding on. It took a little effort, and I'm pretty sure it was private property that we weren't allowed on, but that's ok. No one got arrested and it was a wonderful sledding hill. Everyone had a blast.

KL and CK

KL, CK, Annie and Gun climbing up the hill

L met a nice little tree as she came down the hill

B, D and L

D and B. I just barely got of the way on time with this one!

Ty, KL, and Annie

Despite what it looks like, Gun was having fun, but here he is at the end of his rope for the day with Spencer.

As we were leaving, we had to stop for a herd of Elk. they were everywhere and were in no hurry to get out of the way of cars.

You can see how close they were.
On our last night, all the kids were just laying around watching TV.

I especially liked seeing Gun and D cuddled up together. My boys really had so much fun with their little boy cousins. As much as they love their baby sisters, they do love having little boys around.

L and Ab

The funniest thing about this picture to me is that these little girls are only 3 1/2 months apart!

About the only picture that proves that I went on the trip too. Here I am with my baby girl and my beautiful little sister. Not the clearest picture, but that's ok.

Thanks, Annie and Spencer for such a fun trip! Hope we can do it again soon! We love you guys!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Big Changes!!!

It is true that it has been some time since I've updated my blog. This isn't because I haven't wanted to, but rather that my computer hard drive has been so full that I haven't been able to download any of my pictures, so I couldn't blog about all the great things that have happened in our family over the last 4 months. Normally, I would go in chronological order to update, but there is one event that is just way to important to put at the end.

We are so excited to announce the arrival of our sweet new baby H. She will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and has completely changed all our lives for the better this last month. It truly is amazing how quickly something so small can make you forget everything you knew about how you lived your life before they arrived. I always wonder how I didn't miss the baby before. I just can't imagine not having her around now, and I'm so glad I don't have to.

H. Lew was born on January 30, 2012 at 7:44 am. She weighed 7 lbs 15 oz and was 21" long. She was due 2 days earlier, but for the first time ever, I was totally fine with her being late. I was actually hoping that she would be a little later because we were still trying to get moved before she came. That didn't quite happen, but that will all come in a subsequent post.

I had gone to bed on Sunday night, after D's Court of Honor, where he received his 1st Class Rank, with some pretty strong contractions, but I mostly thought they were Braxton Hicks. Though I do remember having one that was strong enough that Dave was trying to ask me a question and I didn't want to answer him until it was done. I woke up at about 2:30 that morning because my stomach was hurting. It took me just a second to realize what that meant. Just a few days before, Dave had asked me if I was having contractions. I told him I had them all the time, but I wouldn't worried about it until they were waking me up at night. Sure enough, this was the real thing. I got up and timed them for about 2 hours (while watching the newest BBC production of Emma) and the woke up Dave. All the while I had been timing the contractions up to this point, they had been about 6-10 minutes apart and not too terribly painful. When I woke him up, I was in the process of telling him that we didn't need to plan to leave to the hospital right away, but it was as if the baby knew her dad had been woken up, because just as I was telling him we had time, the contractions immediately jumped up to 2-5 minutes and the intensity increased dramatically. So off we went. It was once again a natural birth, but I think I was a little bit more "animated" than I had been in the past. My mom was there with the video camera again and as soon as the baby was born, she was so distraught because she had forgot to video it. I quickly commented that it was ok. There were many things we didn't need to record for posterity that time!

I have several pictures from the hospital, but they are on a different camera, so I will post those later, but here are pictures from her first few weeks home.

6 days old

12 Days Old: first non- sponge bath

Feb 12: 13 Days Old:
Daddy with 2 of his Sleeping Beauties

Feb 14: 15 Days Old: First Valentine's Day

Feb 18: 19 Days Old:
We just thought it was cute how she feel asleep folding her arms.