Friday, August 19, 2011


KL is one of those kids who just never ceases to say the funniest things! I decided I needed write some of these down so I don't forget them. Most of the things I want to record are about "Dewet", her invisible special friend. He has been a boyfriend and even a fiance. At times, he's been an ex, but he always manages to worm his way back into her graces. He and KL have been special friends since early last summer. He has really shown some serious staying power this last year +. He's not walking away from this relationship. When she first introduced him to us, I couldn't decide if his name was "Jared" or "Derek". Given her cute little preschool speech impediments, she really couldn't correct us when we asked, so we decided to go with Derek.

Derek has a back story. He has had a difficult life, as all of his family has passed away and he had to come and live with us. When Dave heard that his baby girl had invited her boyfriend to live here in the same house with her, he put a stop to it. Thankfully, a few months ago, Derek's family miraculously came "back awive!" He is able to stay with them again for the most part, but he still makes frequent, to the point of near constant, visits over here.

A few months ago, my girls were having a little slumber party at my sister Julia's house. Julia's husband Dee, a redhead, is a favorite of KL's and she just loves to charm him. That night, Julia noticed KL sitting and talking to him while she was stroking his forearm. The next day, Julia asked her what Derek looked like. She answered, "He has wed hair and 'fuw.'" "Huh? 'fuw'?" Mea started to furiously stroking her arm and said, "Fuw! Fuw! Like Deet!" A few weeks later, she was over having another sleep over when she came up to Julia and said "I need to take a picture of my boyfwiend. He is so so cute. Like Deet."

Whenever KL goes to play with her little girl friends, I almost always get reports that whoever she is playing with now has an invisible boyfriend too. A few days ago she was over with a friend of mine to play with the little girl she babysits. My friend was on the phone with her mom when she noticed the little girls had the back door open and were making a kicking motion out the door. Kimberly said, "Girls! You need to shut the door so we don't get hot inside!" KL stuck her hand on her hip and said, "Ouw boyfwiends cheated on us so we'we kicking dem out." Where did she even learn that term!?!?!?!

Whenever something happens around here that shouldn't, we aren't surprised to hear that Derek did it. One day Dave informed Mea that she would be getting the spanken whenever Derek did something. She found this so totally unfair since she's not responsible for his actions! None the less, after taking a few of Derek's time outs, he quite misbehaving quite as much. However, last week, I took my sister and brother in law to our new house. Scott found a little piece of styrofoam and some nails and made a little head and said, "Look, it's Derek. Go give it to KL." I decided not to take it to her, but just to tell her that I saw him. When I did, I swear her eye's just about popped out of her head. "He's weal!?!?!?" She was so excited and just couldn't believe it. Just this morning, one of the other kids saw something out of place and angrily asked who did it. KL quickly jumped up and very knowingly said, "Dewet did it. He's weal! He's weal!"

She does say funny things, even when she isn't talking about Dewet. Earlier this week, we were at my parents where my mom was saying she couldn't call her "Maisy" anymore because my brother just got a dog with that name. KL asked what she would call her instead and my mom said maybe "May-May". She immediately said, "I want you to call me Roosevelt." Huh?

She will often tell me that I'm "hew hewo" when she's happy with me (accompanied by a big hug and several eye bats) and when she gets mad that she "will nevew be in youw famiwy again!"

I truly wish I could remember everything that she says, but there is just too much! She is so much fun and we are so thankful to have her around!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Utah, 2011

We got to stop for a few days in Utah on our way home. We went to Lagoon with some of cousins. it was lots of fun for everyone...well almost everyone. I spent several hours in the "nurses office" with a vomit inducing migraine. Lots of fun. Still, the kids had a great time so it was worth it.

I spent the next day at my aunt's house recovering and then we wen tot Dave's sister that night for dinner, followed by a nice little movie the next afternoon. That night,we went to dinner with one of Dave's brother's family before leaving. That ended up being the only time I pulled out the camera.

All in all, a very fun family vacation, but as always, it was great to be home. Even if it was soul-suckingly hot. We are still surviving the heat, but looking forward to a change!