Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I know it has been a while since my last post. I'll blame that mostly on my computer's memory. It is gone, so I can't download any pictures to blog about. I keep meaning to clean up the computer, but I just haven't gotten to that. Hopefully, once our house is done, I can move all of those files, and that will clear up some space, but until then...

Still, with Christmas just around the corner, I needed to wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas! I hope you are all ready. I hope I am ready for that matter too!

I had a funny little story to share too. A couple of days ago, KL was being quite the stinker. Ok, she was being naughty. So much so that I had to break down and call the man in the red suit to see if she had officially been put on the Naughty List. Lo and behold, she had, but I was told I could tell her if she started listening to her mommy and started behaving, she could go back on the nice list. This didn't have quite the effect I had hoped for. She really didn't turn things around. A couple of hours later, we went down to our new house to show it to a friend of ours with Jill (my sister). Of course, as soon as we got there and stepped out of the car, I got a call saying that someone was coming over to look at our house in 10 minutes who was interested in renting it, so I threw the baby back in the car and tried to get KL to join me. She really didn't feel like coming, so Jill said she would bring her home. I said great and raced home to get it as clean as I possibly could--after all it was laundry day. Of course the guy never showed up, but oh well. At least I got a clean house out of it, right?

Well, after I left, apparently KL had some sort of shoe malfunction walking into the house and got upset and refused to do anything except sit out in a pile of dirt in the front yard and pout. Jill allowed her to do this until it was time to go at which point, she tried to gently coerce her to get in the car. At first, KL refused saying, "I only want my mommy." This sounded highly suspicious to me, but still Jill responded by saying, "Great! I am going to take you there right now." That got her and she said, "Actshawy, I don't reawy want my mommy." Ahh....that sounds more like it. Still Jill got her in the car and which point she sat down and started just glaring at everyone. Eventually, our friend, and KL's primary teacher, turned and said, "KL, you don't want Santa to see you like this." KL quickly looked up at her with all her attitude and said, "Well, my mommy alweady called Santa,and I'n alweady on da naughty list, so it doesn't even mattew!"

I am happy to report that she did finally do as I asked and clean up her room. We did call Santa back and he did confirm that she was back on the nice list, but I have still had to remind her about how close she is to the edge a few more times!!!

Merry Christmas!