Friday, November 28, 2008

Viva La Coldplay!!!

We had the amazing experience of going to see Coldplay on Wednesday night. Wow!!! This is the second time we have seen them live. The first time was about 2 1/2 years ago in Las Vegas. They were every bit as good as I remembered!

Here we are waiting for the concert to start. Elena (a friend of Julia's), Julia, Emma, Me, and Dave.

I think this was at the end of the opening song. Aweso

I just liked the way this turned out with the big spotlight and the silhouette of Chris Martin.
About 2/3 of the way through the concert, they left the stage and came down into the middle of the audience. They had a little platform built right on top of the bleachers and they sung a couple of songs from there. They were right below us!
The end of their last song before their encore (their encore was Yellow.... what a way to end!)

This video is from their opening song.

These next couple are from when they were singing right by us. (sorry you get to hear me screaming with, what by this point, my very hoarse voice, but I just couldn't help myself!) First: The Scientist

This next clip is from a song that the drummer, Will Champion sang, but I don't know the title.

So... if any of you ever get the opp0rtunity to go and see Coldplay live, I would highly recommend it!!!! It is quite an experience! What a night.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Soccer Season Finale

B's soccer season came to an end this weekend. While he did enjoy it, he has been asking me for some time to please not to soccer again, but to do football instead. I guess none of the boys in this family are immune to Spencer Larsen Syndrome. Anyway, he really did quite well...when he put for the effort.

This last game, he actually scored 2 goals. Dave had told him that if he scored a goal, he would take him to sonic. Here he is calling Dave and tell about his big accomplishment. (Dave stayed home because it was nap time for KL.)

After the game, the team had a little end of season party at a park, Here he is playing tag with some of his teammates.
The park had a rock wall, so of course L was all over that!

Katie, Emma and KL

KL really loved the swing.
Here we are at Sonic. He is holding up his 2 to represent his goal. He really has been really proud of that accomplishment and Dave has really been making him feel like it is a big deal. He keeps calling him "2 goals".

Dave also told him that since he scored 2 goals, he got to take the whole family with him and everyone would have to thank him for letting them go.
Funny story... while we were eating, D was telling us about how a stranger had been seen trying to get some kids from some nearby schools get into his car. I took this moment to try and talk to the kids to remind them what we do if someone approaches them. I looked at CK (knowing she would need the biggest reminder) and asked, "What do you do if someone comes up to you that you don't know and says, 'Come get in my car because I have some candy for you?'" She looked me straight in the eye while a sweet little smile and said, "I say 'Thank you!'"

Once we stopped laughing, we did impress upon her how dangerous that is.

Oh Christmas Tree!

As many of you know, Christmas is my favorite time of year. This year, I decided not to waste time enjoying the Christmas decorations, so I spent yesterday putting my my decorations, with Emma's help, of course. It really does make me happy to come home and seem my Christmas tree from my front window! Anyway, now my house is feeling festive, and I am loving every minute of it!

Emma and I got most of everything done while the kids were at school, but here are the kids as they helped us finish decorate the tree. As you can see, KL was having an especially fun time with everything. She has had even a funner time bringing me ornaments and telling me thank you.
L--she just loves the camera
Me, KL, L, B, Emma, CK, D

Twilight or Bust! (I think Bust)

Well, the big movie weekend came! Me and the girls all went to the movie (even a couple of husbands were with us, but for some reason, they didn't want to be in the picture...) I really didn't have high expectations of the movie; and then was told by a friend who went to a midnight movie to maybe lower them a little more. My sis-in-law and I made our tee-shirts which said "Twilight or Bust" on the front, then had a bunch of quotes from the book on the back. At any rate, I'm glad I didn't go in looking for a masterpeice. There were definitely parts that I liked, but there were certainly parts that we laughed hard at.

All in all, it was a fun time. My amazing sister in law Katie came down from Washington, and my sweet little friend Emma came from Wisconsin, and we had a great time together. After the movie was over and we were home, we kept discussing how dumb certain parts were, but then Emma said, "Yeah, but for all that, I could go and see it again right now." Katie said, "Yeah, me too." So I said, "Ok, then. Let's go."

Dave had been out of town on business so he really wasn't up for the outing, so we girls got the kids fed and ready for bed, then went back to the movie. David wanted to come so I let him. The other kids had got to go to see Madagascar earlier in the week, but David was busy getting a cast put on--stay tuned for more on that--so he had to miss that outing so this is how I made up for it. We all agreed that we liked the movie better the second time. We knew what parts we were going to laugh at and could anticipate them and just enjoy the parts we liked.

Here is most of us at the movie in the afternoon.

Thanks to my brother-in-law Jon's suggestion,
we added this little embelishment to Katie's shirt.

Anyway, like I said, we really did have fun. It was even better for me since I had Katie and Emma with me. It was so sad for me when Katie had to leave. She got here on Thursday, and had to leave on Sunday. It was just way to short of me! Of course, when you are leaving kids behind, it is hard to stay for much longer. I'm so happy that Emma is still here though! She is here until Thursday, and we have some more fun things coming up...stay tuned for that!

Anyway, we got to do some shopping together on Saturday and went out to lunch (and yes, we did consider going back to the movie on Saturday! Hey! That's why the came, right!?!), then we took Dave with us out to dinner that night. It really was a fun weekend. Thanks so much for making the effort to come, Katie! We all love you so much!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girls Weekend

Me, L and Anna just got back from a great weekend trip up to Billings. It was finally L's turn to go take her special trip. After B and I got back from our trip and she saw my toenails that my cousin Whitney did for me, she decided that she wanted to go and get her nails done too. What a girl! Well, I kept my eyes open for a good deal, thinking I could never beat the $84.50 that I spent with B. I was quite pleasantly surprised to see that not only did I find that same deal, but I actually found something better... $59!!! That's right. Only $59 round trip for each of us after all taxes and fees. Man! I wish this airline flew to a few other places that I like to frequent... WI, MD, UT... I'd be living the high life then! Oh well. I'm happy to have Billings. I really had a fun time with the girls, just like I did with B and the boys. I am really thankful Dave and I were able to take these trips with our kids and I hope they remember them as fondly as we do! We have great kids and we just love them. Hopefully, they will always remember that!

Here are the girls on the plane just before take off.

L only had a few things that she absolutely wanted to do while we were there. One of those things was to go to the mall and go shopping. Here they are all ready for their big day of shopping.

While I had fun finding all sorts of clothes for them, they only had eyes for Build-a-Bear. I finally caved and let them get a bear. They were so happy!

After shopping, we went over to the local beauty college. They wanted to get their hair done and makeup. They just thought it was the coolest thing to be pampered and get all dolled up.

I went ahead and got my hair done too. Here we are after we got home. The girls showing off their new clothes and all us sporting our curly do's.

They did a little fashion show for my cousin Whitney after wards. Here they are playing with her.

Grandma Lorraine introduced the girls to Pomegranate. They absolutely loved it and couldn't get enough. They were constantly asking for more. Here they are after they had emptied out one pomegranate as they are shoving it in their mouth as fast as they can.

The last thing they requested we do while we were there was to go and see High School Musical 3 again--this time with Whitney.

Here is a picture of the girls with Grandma and Grandpa Wells.

On our way to the airport, we stopped by the Billings Temple and took a few pictures. I have still never been able to go into the temple, but the outside and grounds are beautiful!

Once again, we had a great time and are so thankful for such wonderful family that is so welcoming to us. We had a great time with Dan and Julane and all the kids, plus Grandma and Grandpa. Hopefully, we can get up there again soon. I joked that I may have to move up there since everywhere I went with Dan and Julane, I was introduced as their niece, Ann's sister (my little sister Annie has spent a lot of time up there). Almost everytime I was introduced, I was asked if I was older or younger. Hee hee... We were at a birthday party of a friend of theirs, and the hostess even told me that "the boys" were the office, but would be coming out soon and they were probably about my age. I looked at her for a minute until she asked how old I was. I told her and then she said, "Oh! They are more like 22!" Yeah. I don't think they would want to hang out with some married chick with 5 kids who is 10 years older than them... Still... flattering!

By the way... L and A did get their toenails painted! (so did I) Thanks Whitney!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Piano Recital

Last night was the kids piano recital. Their teacher gave all the kids Christmas Carols to play, which is just great for me! He lives next door (which has been very convenient for us), and so I went by his house in the afternoon to drop off some punch bowls. I saw that he had decorated for the recital quite festively, so I decided the kids also needed to be dressed accordingly.

D went first and he had 2 songs. His first time around, he played "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas."
L played "We Wish You A Merry Christmas".

B played "Jolly Old St. Nicholas". CK kept pulling on my legs the whole he was playing so I had a hard time getting a good shot. They kept coming out blurry. I finally got this one to come out clear, but it was as he was bolting away from the piano.
KL had a great time too. She loved their fish tank!

Face Painting

L got plenty of make up and nail polish for her birthday. She knows that as long as she only use it outside, I don't tend to make too big of a fuss about it. Well, yesterday, she, CK and cousin A were outside playing with all the girly things. After a while, CK came and found me and showed me how pretty she looked. Apparently, the regular make-up had run out and all they had left was nail polish. This picture was taken a couple of hours later, so the full impact is partially worn off, plus CK had just woken up from her nap and was certainly not in the mood for pictures. Nonetheless, it was a funny site and those girls certainly didn't enjoy having me use nail polish remover to clean their faces with. Hopefully, they learned their lesson!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fun Friday

I had a fun day yesterday. It started out with a breakfast with some of my great neighbors. My awesome friend and creative inspiration, Kimberly, had a birthday a couple of weeks ago. She didn't say a word about it until after the big day was over, but we couldn't let her get away with that. Jill and I decided a breakfast date would be fun, but with sick kids and busy schedules, we had to keep postponing it until yesterday. Here we all are as we were leaving. Unfortunately, this was taken after Julie and Erin had already left, sorry, girls, we had fun with you too! Also, I tried to put in a picture of our recently moved neighbor, Ali, but I couldn't upload the picture, but we were thinking of you too, Ali!

After breakfast, CK and I headed over to the hospital to visit my newest little niece Elsie Ilene who was born Thursday morning. She so cute with a chubby little face and more hair than probably all of my kids have had put together. When we got there, my dad was already there. Here is my dad, Elsie, and CK.
Mary and Elsie

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rock Girl

Last Friday (on her birthday), L came home saying that there was a rock in her ear. Naturally I dismissed this because how could their possibly be a rock in her ear? Well, the next day, she came to me with a bobby pin in one hand and a small black rock in the other and said, "See, I told you there was a rock in my ear!" I looked at this and realized that the rock had been put there so she could have the fun of getting it out. I told her not to do it again and then moved on. Apparently, I didn't spend enough time going over this concept (that being that we don't put rocks in our ears) with her because the next day, she came and told me that she had another rock in her ear, but that she couldn't get it out and that it was starting to hurt. I tried putting ear wax remover in her ear and having her lay with that ear down in hopes that would help ease it out, but to no avail. I tried just once to get it, but once I realized how far down it was, I quickly stopped and we made an appointment for her to see an ENT. When we got there, the doctor took one look and said it would require surgery. Yes, that's right. Surgery. She had pushed it so far down with her bobby pin in her attempt to get it out that she had wedged it down up against her eardrum and if he tried to remove it with her awake, it would tear her eardrum. Lovely. To her defense, she quickly told us that it was just a small rock.

So, this morning, she and I got up bright and early and headed down to the out patient surgical center. She got pretty nervous when it came time. Although I knew she was just fine, I had a hard time letting the nurse pull my tear-streaked little girl from me. It only took about 5 minutes before the doctor came in with the container holding the offending rock and telling me that thankfully, her eardrum was just fine, though she did have some scratching all through the ear canal.

When she woke up, she came out very woosey. They had given me a blanket to hold her with because as soon as they put her under, she had a little accident. (I asked her before she went in if she had to go to the bathroom... knew I should have pressed the issue). Well, she comes stumbling out and sits on my lap. There were a couple of nurses standing by asking if she wanted something to drink (she hadn't been allowed to eat since the night before). She was quite shy and embarrassed and would only whisper to me, but I had a really hard time understanding her because her words were still really slurred together. Finally I realized she was saying, "Mom, I think I wet my pants!" She was pretty mortified and didn't want to admit this fact to perfect strangers.

We are now home and she is doing just fine and enjoying the fact that she gets to miss school, even though she isn't sick. We kept the rock so, as Dave put it, "We can show it to her, her kids,..." and anyone else who needs a reminder as to why we do not put things in our ears!

Here she is just before they took her back with her mask. They let her pick what flavor she wanted to smell. She picked Root Beer.
At home again with the rock.
The rock. As soon as I showed it to her at the surgical center, she said, "See, Mom! I told you it was just a small one!"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

As all of you know, today is election day. I have to put my last push out there. I truly believe that each election is getting more and more crucial to our country and our freedoms. Here in Arizona, as in California and Florida, we have a Marriage Amendment Proposition on the ballot. This has received quite a bit of publicity as well as opposition, though I know not as much in California. When I consider why the battle is even more heated in California, it is because they are living in an environment where Gay Marriage is already legal and they are seeing the ramifications. Here is a video of some things that supporters of Prop 8 are dealing with now:

As I have considered how I feel about Prop 102 here, I have looked into some of things that have happened (not just could happen) in the states of Massachusetts and California; parents have been arrested for simply requesting the right to be informed when their children will be taught about homosexual marriage, elementary schools are having gay rights and awarness days and celebrations, churches and preachers are being sued for not marrying gay couples, Catholic Family Services has stopped operations in Mass. because they were told they had to allow adoptions to gay couples, something that they have been preaching against for nearly two thousand years, churches could lose their "tax-exempt" status unless they preach in favor of homosexual marriage.

I continously hear that a vote for these amendments means a lack of tolerance and means that those who support them are biggots. However, when I see what can/has happened, I can't help but wonder where the tolerance is. Do I not deserve the right to be tolerated for my religous beliefs? Or, do I not have any parental rights when it comes to what my children will be taught on these issues? When I see the destruction that has take place to people who support these marriage propostions, and even as I have to a very small scale, experienced it myself, I wonder why I am not allowed the same degree of tolerance for my beliefs as others are for theirs. I'm not using hateful language, destroying property, or demeaning others. I'm wishing for the continued right to raise my children and practice my religion in a way I feel is best.

Another thing that I have heard here is, "Why do we need to pass an amendment when same-sex marriage is already illeagal here?" In the three states where same-sex marriage has been legalized, it has been done by decisions of the state supreme court, not of the citizens of that state. Laws can easily be changed, but an amendment requires the voice of the people. I belief something like this should be decided by the voice of the people, not the voice of 4 or 5 judges. If the people of our state decide that same-sex marriage should be allowed, I would like to be decided by us, not by the supreme court.

Finally, I would hope that when I have discussed this issue with my children, I have taught them to be tolerant of others, not to judge those for their life choices. Voting for this amendment does not mean that I am not tolerant. It means that I am practicing my sacred right as a citizen of this country by voting for policies that I feel will help our nation. I know that there are many peaceful people who will vote against me, and I certainly respect their decisions as well. I am very grateful to live in a place where we can vote and peacefully make decisions and support policies.

I'm sure many of you have seen this last video, but I'm posting it anyway. I belief it is so very powerful and I have to echo the sediments at the end. I hope everyone in our country will take the time to vote and vote their conscience after carefully studying each issue and candidate. I believe it is a great privilege as well as obligation to do so.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Coming Soon To a Theater Near You!

OK, fellow Twi-hards! Only 18 days left till the big opening! I have done some hunting around and found that if I get a group of mere 40 people, we can reserve a theater! The price is the regular price per person for a show at that time. In this case, $7. I am going to have to do a showtime around 1. If anyone would like to be in on this, let me know. I was also thinking if there are enough people that would want to, we could actually maybe do 2 times, one first thing at like 9 and then a 1. That way, if there are people who would like to trade babysitting, we could. Also, the 9 am-ish show would only be $5 per person. If anyone is wanting to be in on this, let me know ASAP. I need a firm headcount no later than Thursday night.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Great kid!

I just have to brag on my little boy for a minute. I hope no one gets annoyed by my "tooting my own horn" or anything, but I just want to make sure I never forget this and it gets recorded.

I was at stake breakfast yesterday that we do every fall during Stake Conference weekend. I got stopped by our Stake Relief Society President who is a lunch aid at the kids school. She told me that about how during recess the kids aren't allowed to play football because they are just way to rough. I knew this as it has been a difficult pill for my boys to swallow. Anyway, she said that one day not too long ago, they were dying to play and so she told them they could just play catch, but no game. They were happy with the concession and quickly agreed and promised to just throw the ball back and forth, but no tackling or anything else that would resemble a game. She asked them how she could be sure they would do that and she said that all the boys said, "Because we have D. D will make sure we do what's right."

What more could I possibly ask for? It just makes me feel good to know that he is viewed that way by his friends. The honest one who will keep his promise and be an example for the rest. I just love him. This new praise for my son makes me feel so happy because it isn't actually the first time I have been told something like this. Last year, I got the following email from his teacher. I have saved it forever because I didn't want to erase it.

I wanted to share that today during last recess several boys, that D usually plays with, were entirely too rough at recess.

When I asked D how he kept out of trouble, he said he saw them getting rough and walked away.

Hurray for D.

When I told him I wanted to reward him for making such a great choice, he made me raise my right hand and pledge my love for U of A. And,,,, of course I did it!

Thanks for having a great kiddo!

Enjoy the weekend!


Anyway, I really do love him and am constantly grateful to him for all the good he brings to my life and our family. I just couldn't ask for a better example for his younger brother and sisters. I guess Heavenly Father certainly had a plan in mind for our family by making sure D came first.


We have finally made it through all of Halloween. We all had fun, but I can't way I was at all upset to pack up all the decorations and costumes and say good bye till next year. Here are just a couple of pictures from the day... I was pretty busy and didn't manage to take many, but I figured it was ok since this was like the 4th time we had dressed up and somewhere along the way had taken pictures of everyone.

First, we had the twins class party. As I mentioned before, they aren't allowed to dress up at school, so they just had a party. The great thing about it was that their teacher invited any parents who wanted to come and little brothers and sisters as well. Here is KL and Sam with B. I realized while I was taking this picture that I was missing CK. Good think I took this picture and noticed that because when I went to go and find her, she had left the building. This was just as school was getting out, so who knows how far she would have gone and what crowd she would have gotten lost in amid all the commotion!

Here are all the Broncos. My 2 nephews also dressed up as football players, so we were a nice little crowd. D took great care to be as close to Eddie Royal (the Denver player he was) as he could. He made me go and buy gloves for him to wear, and he found a towel to hang from his pants, and you can't tell, but he even found a little gold ring to put in his ear. He got to trick or treating with the big kids this year. It was a little hard to let my baby go off and do this, but he had a great time and came home with so much candy, it was falling out. He had a fun night!
We have finally made it through all of Halloween. We all had fun, but I can't way I was at all upset to pack up all the decorations and costumes and say good bye till next year. Here are just a couple of pictures from the day... I was pretty busy and didn't manage to take many, but I figured it was ok since this was like the 4th time we had dressed up and somewhere along the way had taken pictures of everyone.