Monday, September 15, 2008

Little Monkey

Lately, we have been spending a whole bunch of time with our chairs and table bench laying down on the floor as seen below. It doesn't look too pretty, and as you can tell, KL really doesn't like it, but I have found that it has become necessary. Why is this desecration of my kitchen table so necessary?
KL has become a little climber. This was taken as soon as I picked the chair back up to it's standing position. Here she is starting her climb:
And here we are when she reaches her Everest.
She is always so proud and just loves to run laps on top of the table. She finds it especially hysterical when I try to go and get her. She can really move up there! She has fallen off the chair before, and I had hoped that would curb this desire of hers, but no luck. Hopefully, she'll outgrow this game very soon! You may have noticed that not all the chairs were laying on the ground and that is because some of the chair use to be barstools and were cut down to fit at the table. Unfortunately for most adults who sit at our table, they are still at little tall, but the fortunate part of that is that they are still too tall for KL's little body to climb up. I am just hoping that this phase passes before she can reach and climb up those as well.

I just had to include this one. Here she is not fully recovered from the anger caused by the injustice of my laying the chairs down on the ground (see the first picture of this post). She really was upset!


Larsens said...

oh man... could i miss a little girl more?!?! dang she is cute. i wish her and tyto could play together... they would be climbing all over the place together! oh.. send me a pic of that cheerleader outfit so we can get it ordered.

The Lee Family said...

Oh my gosh! I can't get over how cute she is! With her head down and her hands on teh table crying...I want to go and comfort her! Her and Tyton would have way too much fun together!

Andrea W. said...

What a darling sad little monkey.