Friday, September 12, 2008

Go Broncos!

I am going to just cut and paste this post over from my cousin's blog because they worded it so wonderfully! We got to go the Cardinals vs. Broncos game that was here a couple of weeks ago because of my awesome brother in law! Here are the details:

"Spencer Larsen is his name and professional football is his game.

Spencer is without a doubt an amazing athlete. He plays with such charisma, dedication, ability, and desire. Spencer was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the sixth round during the 2008 NFL draft. Just before his draft into the NFL he completed an amazing college football career at University of Arizona where he was honored with countless rewards, recognition, and even served as team captain twice.

Spencer got a lot of play time at this final game of the preseason. It was so special for many of his friends and family members because they were in the stands cheering for him. For Spencer it was the last chance to show his team the skills he has and the type of player he is and wants to be. Less than 24 hours after the 28-14 victory over the Arizona Cardinals the final 2008/09 team roster was submitted to the NFL. The question and hope for many of his supporters was if he made it on the team.

Well.........HE DID!

Congratulations Spencer! We are all so proud of you!"

Thanks Ryan for that great report!
For more info on this great guy, click here (mostly because I am still trying my hand at all the cool things I can try with the whole blog thing.)

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