Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Mary

Yesterday was my little sister's birthday. We celebrated by getting together for lunch. We went to a pizza place that has a little kids play area which was imperative because we all had little kids with us!

Jill and I were the first ones there and when we walked in, there were a couple of fire fighters who were leaving and gave the kids stickers which they thought was amazing! They even let the little kids go out and climb in their firetruck. Amazing!

Here is most of the party animals. I'll do my best naming everyone going from left to right. I'll start with misspelling Maithe (Mary's neighbor. She is from Puetro Rico. I know how to say her name, but I've never seen it spelt, so my apologies!), The Birthday Girl Mary!!, Jill, Stephanie (another neighbor), Candace (from their ward), Beth, Mom (and KL in the high chair)

Here are the kids eating and playing (CK is busy telling on Kyle who kept climbing up on the house when the sign said not to).
After KL had eaten 2 peices of pizza, I took her out of her high chair so she could go and play with the kids. She immediatly went for the kids plates and started grabbing their food too. I guess all my kids have inherited my love of food!
Sophie (daughter of that dear friend whose name I won't misspell again), Mary and Evelynne blowing out the candles from the cake Bethie brought.
We all had a fun time. Hope you had a happy birthday Mary! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you. (On a sidenote, B was absolutely heartbroken that the celebration would take place when he was at school and couldn't come. You have some explaining to do for him...)


me said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

Larsens said...

miss you guys.

Some Kind of Crazy said...

Where is this super cool place where the kids can play and mom's can visit and eat? Looks like a lot of fun and how smart of you to remember your camera!