Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bear Down, Arizona!!!

After 3 years of being fierce University of Arizona fans, amid a very hostile pro-ASU territory, we finally have come out victors...and big ones at that!  Last night was the 109 annual "Duel in the Desert."  That's right, this is officially, the longest running rivalry in the country.  Ever since my little sister started dating Spencer, we swiftly switched our allegiance and have been all wildcats!  Last night was the first time since then that we haven't been to the big game and let me tell you!  I was missing it!  Watching it on tv... I just wanted to be there.  We have had season tickets the last 2 years.  It was really fun and the kids loved being able to go down.  At any rate, we are happy to say that we had a big victory last night!  31-10!  And now, we get to cash in on some bets.  Actually, D is the only one who made bets, but still!  One of them was with a neighbor of ours who has to come over to do a Saturday's worth of work.  His wife humbly requested that that Saturday be after Christmas, so Nicole, I'm willing do that for you.  Todd... get ready to take down some Christmas lights, among other things.  Also, a member of our Bishopric has to dress up as the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz and sing the song for us and anyone else that D wants to invite.  That should be a fun one too!   At any rate, it is just nice to not having to make cookies for anyone this year!


nicole said...

No No No. The bet was with your 10 year old son for his chores. As ASU slumped this season all of a sudden the chore list became longer and longer. Do you usually have your 10 year old removing X-mas lights? Then again my team is horrible so I deserve it. Your 10 year old's humble servant (for 1 day only)...T

mommy k said...

bear down la la la la...GO WILDCATS!!!

Marcie said...

Way to go D! Enjoy getting your chores done! My boys still sing the song and chant..".Toooeeetama"(obviously I have no idea how to spell it)