Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Baby? 2!?!?!

Could it really be? My baby is 2!?!? It has gone by so fast, but it has been so fun. She is such a fun, sweet little baby who is everyone's little sweetheart. Here are just some pictures of her, in no particular order...

This one was take last week at Dave's cousin Andria's birthday party. She just loves this little high chair. She will constantly drag it out of her closet and try and sit it.

This was from April in her Easter Dress.

November '08: This is the kilt my mom made for one of the twins for my brother's wedding after we went to Scotland.

She is 5 mo. old here and this will always be a favorite picture of mine. It had been a really busy day and I hadn't had much time for her, but she never complained. We had someone cleaning our carpets and our couches and so all the furniture was moved all around the kitchen making it so we couldn't eat at the table so I had set up a blanket on the floor in the kitchen and we ate picnic style. It was probably around 7 by this point and like I said, I had been pretty busy. I finally looked over at her and she had fallen asleep like this. No complaints... just couldn't stay awake any longer. Sweet little baby!
1 week old
3 mo. old in her blessing dress
With her daddy at the cabin... she is about 11 mo old here. She is such a daddy's girl. She will follow him around when ever he is home and when she wakes up, she always calls for her "doddy" first. He loves every minute of it too. But of course, who wouldn't?
13 mo.
About 9 hours old. The first time her big sister got to hold her.
We are all so thankful for the blessing that she is in our lives. It is hard to imagine a world where she isn't part of it. She really brightens all of our days, every single day!

Just a fun little video of her showing off some of her cuteness:


Sally said...

You make such pretty children, Cheryl. I remember being stunned by her hospital picture because she was so beautiful. And celebrating her birthday last year at Cindy's wedding was cool, too. :) Happy Happy Birthday!

mommy k said...

may we love you...happy the harpers

Mary-Sunshine said...

She is soo dang cute! I wish there was a video of her running! I love to see her little body running!