Wednesday, May 13, 2009

David's Bday

I realized just how behind I have gotten on my posts when I went to download the pictures of my camera. Actually this time of year, it doesn't take much to get behind! Anyway, I'm going to get caught up over the next couple of days.

We'll start with D's birthday last week. It happened to be the same day as the big FHE with all my dad's family. It was the last time my grandparents were going to be here before heading up north for the summer.

I decided to take the kids over early so they could go swimming. I just had to take this one of KL because her little body is so cute in the swimming suit!

Here is the birthday boy while he was waiting for dinner after swimming... doing his favorite thing... reading SI!

Blowing out his candles.Always such a happy kid!
Getting a cool new football Dave and I picked up in MD.
(my boys have been trained to be big UofM Terp fans)

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Andrea W. said...

Happy Birthday, David! Whoa, I know it's so trite, but seriously how did this happen? How is that adorable chubby little baby boy suddenly 11 years old? I can just tell he's grown up so nicely. Alos, love the swimsuit picture of KL!!!