Saturday, May 16, 2009

Backyard Campout

Last weekend was the annual Father's and Son's campout. Unfortunately, the it was also the start of the boy's football tournament and the games started Saturday morning at 8, so going up to the mountains was not really a viable option! So, Dave came up with an alternative for the kids. He set up a tent for the kids in the backyard and bbq-ed hot dogs. The kids loved it! We let them watch a movie on the laptop. As soon as the movie was over and I said lights out, B came in the house and said he wanted to sleep in his bed. I was ok with that. I was doing the same (in case you think that was very irresponsible parenting of me to let my kids sleep out in the backyard with out me, I'll just say that they slept right outside my bedroom window so I could hear everything, including everytime they unzipped the tent or shifted in their sleeping bags). The next day, D said that the reason had wanted to come is was because he was afraid the bad guys would get him. :)

I really think these 2 enjoyed the tent the most!
KL and CK
(by the way, we went swimming first, so that's why CK is still sporting her swim suit)
The next morning, we took KL out to wake up the kids. She was so excited to be out in the tent again! L had already woken up at this point so it was just D and CK left out there.

KL thought it was so fun seeing Dave on the outside. She loved grabbing his hand.

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