Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baby Lily

My older sister has been pregnant for about 2 years now. Ok, I know it wasn't really that long, but I swear it has been the longest pregnancy the world. I'm not even sure MY pregnancies have felt this long! She has had all sorts of complications from almost the moment she found out she was pregnant. Anyway, we are very proud to finally announce that the baby arrived! My older sister has given birth to 4 boys and adopted 1 girl from Russia. We never really thought that she would get a girl any other way, but this pregnancy has proven to be a miracle in all sorts of ways...not the least of which that she had a little baby girl!

She was born on August 14, and was 6lbs 15 0z 20 in long.

Here is my sister Jill with her little Lily

I was watching my nephew so I had the perfect excuse to go down to the hospital as soon as she was born. I brought my 2 little sisters with me. Here is big brother Sam, Katy and Lily.

KL, as always, was fascinated with the baby. Here she is holding her (while Mariana helps)

My kids were heart broken they couldn't head off to the hospital the day she was born. I did manage to take them down the next day.

Jill was quite small while she was pregnant (well, she is small all the time). She looked like she had a small basketball in front of her. KL was so fascinated by it. She was constantly asking about the "baby baw". I tried to get a little video about of her. She was distracted by the camera, but you can still get the idea.


Andrea W. said...

Congratulations to Jill! What a beautiful baby girl, so happy for them. What a lucky little girl to have so many cousins ready to welcome her into the world.

Liz Richins said...

K, nothing could make me happier than to see pictures of that little angle. Miraculous.

Sally said...

I love the satellite dish! Yea for Jill. I agree, she's small all the time. Lucky her. :) Congratulations on being an Auntie again, Miss Cheryl.

Sally said...

And now that I look more closely at the pictures, did Jill deliver in a dress?! Because my gowns certainly don't look like that!