Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight or Bust! (I think Bust)

Well, the big movie weekend came! Me and the girls all went to the movie (even a couple of husbands were with us, but for some reason, they didn't want to be in the picture...) I really didn't have high expectations of the movie; and then was told by a friend who went to a midnight movie to maybe lower them a little more. My sis-in-law and I made our tee-shirts which said "Twilight or Bust" on the front, then had a bunch of quotes from the book on the back. At any rate, I'm glad I didn't go in looking for a masterpeice. There were definitely parts that I liked, but there were certainly parts that we laughed hard at.

All in all, it was a fun time. My amazing sister in law Katie came down from Washington, and my sweet little friend Emma came from Wisconsin, and we had a great time together. After the movie was over and we were home, we kept discussing how dumb certain parts were, but then Emma said, "Yeah, but for all that, I could go and see it again right now." Katie said, "Yeah, me too." So I said, "Ok, then. Let's go."

Dave had been out of town on business so he really wasn't up for the outing, so we girls got the kids fed and ready for bed, then went back to the movie. David wanted to come so I let him. The other kids had got to go to see Madagascar earlier in the week, but David was busy getting a cast put on--stay tuned for more on that--so he had to miss that outing so this is how I made up for it. We all agreed that we liked the movie better the second time. We knew what parts we were going to laugh at and could anticipate them and just enjoy the parts we liked.

Here is most of us at the movie in the afternoon.

Thanks to my brother-in-law Jon's suggestion,
we added this little embelishment to Katie's shirt.

Anyway, like I said, we really did have fun. It was even better for me since I had Katie and Emma with me. It was so sad for me when Katie had to leave. She got here on Thursday, and had to leave on Sunday. It was just way to short of me! Of course, when you are leaving kids behind, it is hard to stay for much longer. I'm so happy that Emma is still here though! She is here until Thursday, and we have some more fun things coming up...stay tuned for that!

Anyway, we got to do some shopping together on Saturday and went out to lunch (and yes, we did consider going back to the movie on Saturday! Hey! That's why the came, right!?!), then we took Dave with us out to dinner that night. It really was a fun weekend. Thanks so much for making the effort to come, Katie! We all love you so much!

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nicole said...

It was so much fun to see the movie with all of you. Thanks for putting it all together. I think I'd like to go back and see it again too. But, I'm also thinking of a viewing party at my house when it comes out on DVD.