Sunday, November 2, 2008

Great kid!

I just have to brag on my little boy for a minute. I hope no one gets annoyed by my "tooting my own horn" or anything, but I just want to make sure I never forget this and it gets recorded.

I was at stake breakfast yesterday that we do every fall during Stake Conference weekend. I got stopped by our Stake Relief Society President who is a lunch aid at the kids school. She told me that about how during recess the kids aren't allowed to play football because they are just way to rough. I knew this as it has been a difficult pill for my boys to swallow. Anyway, she said that one day not too long ago, they were dying to play and so she told them they could just play catch, but no game. They were happy with the concession and quickly agreed and promised to just throw the ball back and forth, but no tackling or anything else that would resemble a game. She asked them how she could be sure they would do that and she said that all the boys said, "Because we have D. D will make sure we do what's right."

What more could I possibly ask for? It just makes me feel good to know that he is viewed that way by his friends. The honest one who will keep his promise and be an example for the rest. I just love him. This new praise for my son makes me feel so happy because it isn't actually the first time I have been told something like this. Last year, I got the following email from his teacher. I have saved it forever because I didn't want to erase it.

I wanted to share that today during last recess several boys, that D usually plays with, were entirely too rough at recess.

When I asked D how he kept out of trouble, he said he saw them getting rough and walked away.

Hurray for D.

When I told him I wanted to reward him for making such a great choice, he made me raise my right hand and pledge my love for U of A. And,,,, of course I did it!

Thanks for having a great kiddo!

Enjoy the weekend!


Anyway, I really do love him and am constantly grateful to him for all the good he brings to my life and our family. I just couldn't ask for a better example for his younger brother and sisters. I guess Heavenly Father certainly had a plan in mind for our family by making sure D came first.


Some Kind of Crazy said...

What a darling boy! Thank you for sharing such a sweet story!

Andrea W. said...

That is so sweet and every mother's dream for each of our kids. What a sweet, cute boy. We have GOT to arrange a chance meeting in about 11 years or so :)

Marcie said...

Way to go D!!!! We know that you are a terrific kid. We love you lots!

John, Lynnae, and Family said...

It is so nice to have a great son as the first. I definately know what you mean. When Danielle was born, J.J at 6 yrs just said "2 sisters, man thats a big job." D reminds me alot of J.J. in his temperment and personality. Hurray for mother paydays which is what you just got. They are priceless.

k.wormell said...

Love the story, but not surprised because look at the parents; they are doing an awesome job. Miss you guys