Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girls Weekend

Me, L and Anna just got back from a great weekend trip up to Billings. It was finally L's turn to go take her special trip. After B and I got back from our trip and she saw my toenails that my cousin Whitney did for me, she decided that she wanted to go and get her nails done too. What a girl! Well, I kept my eyes open for a good deal, thinking I could never beat the $84.50 that I spent with B. I was quite pleasantly surprised to see that not only did I find that same deal, but I actually found something better... $59!!! That's right. Only $59 round trip for each of us after all taxes and fees. Man! I wish this airline flew to a few other places that I like to frequent... WI, MD, UT... I'd be living the high life then! Oh well. I'm happy to have Billings. I really had a fun time with the girls, just like I did with B and the boys. I am really thankful Dave and I were able to take these trips with our kids and I hope they remember them as fondly as we do! We have great kids and we just love them. Hopefully, they will always remember that!

Here are the girls on the plane just before take off.

L only had a few things that she absolutely wanted to do while we were there. One of those things was to go to the mall and go shopping. Here they are all ready for their big day of shopping.

While I had fun finding all sorts of clothes for them, they only had eyes for Build-a-Bear. I finally caved and let them get a bear. They were so happy!

After shopping, we went over to the local beauty college. They wanted to get their hair done and makeup. They just thought it was the coolest thing to be pampered and get all dolled up.

I went ahead and got my hair done too. Here we are after we got home. The girls showing off their new clothes and all us sporting our curly do's.

They did a little fashion show for my cousin Whitney after wards. Here they are playing with her.

Grandma Lorraine introduced the girls to Pomegranate. They absolutely loved it and couldn't get enough. They were constantly asking for more. Here they are after they had emptied out one pomegranate as they are shoving it in their mouth as fast as they can.

The last thing they requested we do while we were there was to go and see High School Musical 3 again--this time with Whitney.

Here is a picture of the girls with Grandma and Grandpa Wells.

On our way to the airport, we stopped by the Billings Temple and took a few pictures. I have still never been able to go into the temple, but the outside and grounds are beautiful!

Once again, we had a great time and are so thankful for such wonderful family that is so welcoming to us. We had a great time with Dan and Julane and all the kids, plus Grandma and Grandpa. Hopefully, we can get up there again soon. I joked that I may have to move up there since everywhere I went with Dan and Julane, I was introduced as their niece, Ann's sister (my little sister Annie has spent a lot of time up there). Almost everytime I was introduced, I was asked if I was older or younger. Hee hee... We were at a birthday party of a friend of theirs, and the hostess even told me that "the boys" were the office, but would be coming out soon and they were probably about my age. I looked at her for a minute until she asked how old I was. I told her and then she said, "Oh! They are more like 22!" Yeah. I don't think they would want to hang out with some married chick with 5 kids who is 10 years older than them... Still... flattering!

By the way... L and A did get their toenails painted! (so did I) Thanks Whitney!!!


nicole said...

It sounds like another great trip. I bet the girls just loved it. Are you ready for Friday yet???

Anonymous said...

That is awesome that you were able to do it for 59!!! That is incredible

Jill said...

What a fun mom and aunt you are. Flying the girls to MT. FYI... I use to live in billings MT when I was little. I was actually baptised there. I have fond memories. Anne H. told me you, jill and beth have a decorating blog, what is it?

Mary-Sunshine said...

How fun. I would really like to go sometime. Maybe next time you find the deal, I could tag along! I miss the Montana Family! I got a little jealous seeing pictures of all the family there!

Larsens said...

goodness! what a fun time and fun memories for those little girls to have! you sure do spoil them... and they deserve every minute of it. only next time PLEASE come to denver! we want to see you guys more than the folks in montana!

Andrea W. said...

What a fun idea to do these trips with your kids. Cute pictures, cute little girls.

Andrea W. said...

Oh, and I'm seriously impressed with your bargain airline ticket skills.

Richins Family said...

You're the best little mommy/aunt! Too much fun!!!

Anderson Family said...

So glad you had fun while you were here.

Sorry we didn't get to see you. I was so sick that weekend, makes me sick just thinking about it. Didn't want to pass any sick germs onto the fam' in Arizona!!