Tuesday, May 24, 2011


When did my baby boy get old enough to be a teenager? Aren't only older people suppose to have kids that old? Isn't amazing how relative time really is and how fast it can fly? It really does feel like I blinked a few months ago, and my itty bitty little guy turned into who he is today. He really is a good kid, even though we may sometimes butt heads. I know that he really does want to do what's right, and I couldn't be more proud of him!
While I was out visiting few friends a couple of months ago, I found these PJ's and thought it was so funny that they would make them for someone his size. My friend and I laughed so hard. He has yet to wear them.

His favorite kind of cake---Ice Cream Sandwich Cake

Holding one of his adoring little sisters who was mesmorized by the candles.


The Curtis Family said...

Happy birthday David! Love those jammies. Have you seen those man-sized (literally) Underoos at Walmart? Superman, Batman, the works. I laugh every time I see them. Could be the perfect Fathers Day gift...

Erin A said...

Wow! It always surprises me when I see kids who seemingly grew up overnight when I don't feel that I could have possibly aged the same amount.

Those PJ's are hysterical!

The cake sounds like it could be my favorite too! Is there a recipe online somewhere?