Monday, May 16, 2011

CK's Zoo Field Trip

At the end of March, CK had a field trip to the Zoo (or "zoom" as KL would say). I wasn't able to be a chaperone because I didn't have anyone to watch the little girls. Besides, I knew they would have fun, so me any my 2 little stay-at-home- buddies hopped in the car and went to join CK on her field trip for a little while. It was a very fun morning.

CK and KL



Me with my pretty little girls. What a lucky mom!
A was just happy to be out walking round in her stroller!

Without really meaning too, we ended up getting in line to be able to go and feed the giraffes. You had to pay extra, and I didn't have enough cash all of us, but I did have enough for CK. It really was cool!

With her 3 friends from school who are triplets

It was a hard thing for KL that I didn't have enough cash handy for her to go and feed the Giraffe too. She ended up making do with finally being able to look in one of the telescopes.

They were both pretty wiped out by the time we got home after such a fun adventure!

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