Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dave

Dave had his birthday a couple of weeks ago. Wow! This has turned out to be a busy birthday time for us. We now have 4 birthdays in 1 month. It starts with A, then a week and half later, D, then a week and a half after that, Dave, then 3 days later KL. Anyway... we had a simple celebration here at home. He grilled stakes for us and they were yummy! I got him Cutco BBQ tools. He use to sell Cutco knives before we got married and we have always loved having those knives. I stumbled across these tools and though decided he would get a kick out of them. I had him open his present before dinner so he could enjoy them while he cooked our dinner.

Here he is giving B birthday spankings. He gets a kick out of telling the kids he is suppose to give the spanks, not get them.

B was so proud because he was able to give Dave gummy bears for his present. Here they both are celebrating how cool the gift was.

Birthday cake:
Vasa, KL, Dave, B, L, Emma
(D was gone on a scout camp out)

Hope you had a happy birthday, honey! We love you!

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