Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grandma Shirley

We just love it when Grandma Shirley comes to visit. She was able to make a stop here on her way to Utah so she could be here when we blessed Baby A. I felt bad for her because I know it wasn't a very fun trip. I was getting ready for Girl's Camp and plus, we are a fairly boring group of people! Still, she came and we were all thrilled. The kids especially were so happy to have someone play their games with them!

Here she is with KL and A

Grandma and Grandpa had sent KL a birthday card for her birthday a couple of weeks before. However, I forgot to give it to her on her special day. Instead of giving it to her when I remembered, I decided to wait and give it to her when Grandma was here. It was a big hit. It had dollars in it which made it even more amazing. Grandma gave it to her just before bedtime after reading her a story. Dave then went in and said he would save the money for later. She about fell apart when her money was taken. I told him it was fine for her to hold it so he went in and gave it back. When I went in later to check on her I had to laugh because she had fallen asleep with holding her card!

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