Monday, July 6, 2009

The Meadow

While up at Girl's camp last month, I went on one of the hikes and we stopped in a meadow for lunch. The draw of "the meadow" was just to strong for me and my friend Michelle, so we had to recreate the scene. So for all you twilight fans out there... here you go!

I have to give all the photoshopping credit to Michelle. It is kind of hard to tell from this, but she did what she could to add the sparkling skin. Well done my friend! (by the way, Michelle is my friend who was willing to make go with me and make fools of ourselves at project book babe... clearly from this picture, neither one of us are afraid to make fools of ourselves. We really do make ourselves laugh!)


John, Lynnae, and Family said...

That really made me chuckle...I really missed not being at girls camp this year.

Sally said...

You weirdo. :)

by michelle shirley said...

So, I still have not posted this on my blog, yet...but this picture has motivated me to get my buns to the gym and to get movin on the