Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby Owen

Last week, my new little nephew was born! His name is Owen Grant. He is such a sweet little tiny man. I was watching his big brother Brody at the time of his birth, so I had a good excuse to go straight to the hospital as soon as he was born.

Here is my darling sis-in-law Beth holding her little precious angel.
Jill with big brother, Brody and KL... she just loves him!
KL admiring her new little cousin again. She was just so excited to see him!
The other kids begged and begged to see him, so I took them all down there last night to meet their newest cousin. Here is D:
While we were playing with the baby, L snapped this pic and I just thought it was cute! Kyle, Brody, CK
We also got a kick out of this... She really looks like CK's sister from this pic! (Note the crack... you are hard pressed to CK in pants and not find a very prominent crack.)
We are so grateful to have Owen here safe and healthy. We now are waiting for cousin L to be born. We are just sad we won't be close enough to go and see him right away (He'll be living in Washington). Hopefully he will know we love him just as much!


Some Kind of Crazy said...

What a beautiful little man!!! Congratulations!

Mary-Sunshine said...

Owen is so wonderful! I get to live right by him, I am so lucky! And I sure do love that little crack! Jared did too!

bethiepoos said...

cheryl that is a pretty scary picture of me, I would request it to be removed and erased except my little baby is soo adorable on it!
thank you for appreciating the cuteness and loving my children the way you do. I LOVE you x

Liz Richins said...

Awww... what a sweetie.

Andrea W. said...

What a beautiful boy! Congrats to all.