Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have never been on who ever really thought much of Valentine's Day. It always seemed like sort of a made up holiday to me. However, last year, my mother in law told me that it was her favorite holiday and when she told me why, I have to say that it made me like the day better too. She said that she just likes the idea that there is a day to celebrate love. How simple and true! I have always done a little something for it, but now, I an trying to make it an even funner day for our family.

Last year, I stole a tradition from my sister. She always has a big special dinner with fancy/festive dishes and a great set up etc. This year, I made seafood with linquine, asparagus, biscuits, strawberry guava punch, strawberries, and shrimp.

Here are the loves of my life as we sat down for dinner.

Here is a shot of the decked out table while it was all set.

I just had to do a quick zoom in on this... This is our shrimp. My sister has heart-shaped ice cube molds, so I made red heart shaped ice with food coloring to mix in with the regular ice to keep the shrimp cold. It was mostly fun for me, but the kids noticed at the end and thought it was cool too!

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and were able to think of/ see the ones you love best!


nicole said...

I love it! It's great that you went all out for a fun Valentine's dinner for everyone. I'm sure the kids thought it was great. By the way, your shrimp look great. How fun to use colored ice molds. I need to come visit you when I'm ready to start nice dinners with my family. You seem to have all the fun place settings.

Abby said...

Hey Cheryl! I was really excited when I found your blog. It's been so long since I've seen you. You have a beautiful family and what a fun tradition to start for Valentine's Day. I've always felt it was kind of a made up holiday too.

Sally said...

Remember how Cindy called it Single Awareness Day? I have never done much for it either. I resent yet another occasion to buy candy and other excess. This year I did do a little something for the fam, but not much for poor Troy. I think he got a card. And we forgot JackE's birthday yesterday, too, and didn't do a darn thing for it! Maybe tonight?
Your dinner made me smile and smile. It seemed so you, and it made me miss you. Happy V Day!

Larsens said...

how fun cheryl. it is such a nice day to celebrate love, and it needs to get more attention! i am gonna do something more for the big day next year.