Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DBacks Fan Fest

On Saturday, Jared and Andria took D and L to the Diamondbacks Fan Fest. The original invite had been for D and B, but when the got here to pick up the kids, B decided he would rather stay and play with his friends. L was quite quick to jump up and volunteer to go in his place. They had a great time and were spoiled rotten, coming home with all sorts of fan memorabilia. D's favorite is a signed picture of Steven Drew (I think?). They rode in on the train and also got to eat dinner at Alice Cooper's Town. They come home with little tattoos on their face from there. They were a little sad when I said they would have to wash them off that night before church the next day!

Anyway, here are some pics of their fun day.

D and L on the field

In the dug-out with a very happy Ethan and the other kids that they had gone with.

In the locker room

D leaving a message on the message board in the locker room.
I will assume this is outside the US Airways Center... but I really don't know. (Obviously, it was after the trip to Cooper's Town... note the lovely face tattoos! :-) )

Anyway, the kids had a great time and we want to thank Jared and Andria for taking them. That was so nice of you!!! We love you guys!

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