Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mama's little helper

KL really just loves to a little helper.  It is fun to watch her.  Whether it is clearing the table, putting away the vacuum, helping to unload the dishwasher, she is always wanting to help out.  Yesterday we went grocery shopping (one of my new goals:  shop the adds--stock up when things go on sale.  I usually hate to do this because it causing planning ahead and being prepared, going to different stores, etc.  Anyway, I now pledge to do better.)  Anyway, we found cereal, wheat thins, and potato chips on sale for $1.50 each, so we really stocked up.  KL was quite happy to help bring the food in from the car.  I charged CK with the job to take all the surplus downstairs to the food room for me.  At first, it was a fun trip for her, but she quickly tired of the chore.  Not so for KL.  She was loving her responsiblity.  

Here she is trying to find a bag that wasn't too heavy for her to carry.  (By the way, her big brother--D--picked out her outfit and got her dressed :-) )
Here she goes downstairs with it.
Anyway, I'm sure the day will come where we are having arguments about doing these sort of things, but in the meantime, her help is very much appreciated!


bethiepoos said...

aww I really do love her cheryl
I miss having daily access to her!
can I borrow her sometime?

nicole said...

So sweet. I love it when my kids want to help out too. They tend to freak out if I take out the recyclables without them, or pull out the vacuum without asking if they want to help. It will change soon enough, but for now, I love their willingness to help.

Some Kind of Crazy said...

The picture of her carrying the bag to the stairs is darling! She is a little doll!

Jill said...

I was shopping the same sales! I am trying to plan ahead also. I really do not like shopping all the stores. I love your little helper! That is so cute and her bronco's cheerleader outfit... classic.

Mary-Sunshine said...

She is such a stinkin cuteie! I love her little body!

Grandma Shirley said...

I've been trying to shop for the extras that are on sale too. I just don't have any adorably dressed cute thing to carry mine down to the basement storage area.