Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dee and Iuliana. 1-1-11

Dee and Julia got married on New Years. Julia is not a big wedding person, so she was dreading it a little, but it was all so beautiful and she looked absolutely gorgeous and in the end, she had wonderful time. It was so much fun.

We were originally going to have it at my parents house, but we had a cold-wave come through with high's in the high-40's, low 50's. That may not sound like much to you, but for us, that's extreme. Besides, who wants to sit outside for a few hours in that? We moved it over to my parents church and my mom put her magic touch to work. It all looked so great.

Scott started things out by welcoming everyone:

All the little neices (both Iulia's and Dee's) were flower girls. Here is my dad showing them the way to go.
The little girls reaching the front of the aisle
I tried to get a picture of her walking down the aisle, but she didn't feel the need to go slowly! She actually had both her dads walk her down the aisle (my dad, and hers). It was sweet and I'm sorry I missed the picture. Oh well. Here is her dad taking his seat after coming down the aisle.

Don't you love her dress? She isn't a traditional "white wedding" type of person. She is extremely classy, but black is by far her favorite color. She never wanted a big wedding, so getting a big white dress wasn't her thing. She was afraid people would be unhappy with her choice of black (like she was mourning getting married). When we first went looking at dresses, she tried on a few white dresses, and she was fine with them. I made her try on a black one, and her face lit up. She didn't buy it and when she talked to her mom about it, she decided to stick with white. She reluctantly ordered one online. Meanwhile, a lady in my ward, who is a seamstress, had talked to Jill about it and when she heard about this, she got online and ordered a dress. She took it over and told Jill, "Every bride should feel beautiful on her wedding day." She said she would do to it whatever Julia wanted. It started out white and nothing that Julia was looking for. In the end, it was perfect! (I'm going to have to find a "before" picture so you can see just how far it came)
Members of the wedding party:
Susha, Sergi (Julia's brother), Olea (his fiance)
Alla, Usef, Mariana

You may kiss the bride!

Dee composed a beautiful song for Juila as a wedding gift to her. Here he is playing it for her just after the ceremony.


Sweet little baby fell asleep while we were serving dinner. Perfect timing. We laid her in her carseat and she slept among all our boxes and stuff from decorating.

I really love this picture! Julia just looks so gorgeous and you can tell by the adoring look in CK's eyes how much all the kids love her (how much we all love her really).
Sam, A, Zach, and Anna
KL dancing with our little friend, Bowden

Cutting the Cake
Dee and Iulia having their first dance
Iulia and her Dad, Vladimir having their father/daughter dance. I really tried hard to get a good pic, but they were spinning around so much around the dance floor, I just couldn't get a shot of their faces. They were so fun to watch. Totally Fred Astair/Ginger Rogers! You can see her hair and dress flying! They were going so much, her entire train was airborne!
Shalae and KL Dancing together
Iulia dancing with her mom, Tatiana
Vladimir, Iulia, Tatiana, Sergi, Olga, Mariana, Katy
My sisters! I have 1 sister in law missing, but otherwise, here we all are!
Shalae, Mary, Beth, Iulia, Me, Mariana, Annie, Mary, Katy, CK joined in the fun here
We sisters always give each other love we are doing it in a nice long line.
Our family! (most of it anyway)


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wonderful wedding and very cute baby!

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