Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Very Own Dirt

Around Christmas, Dave started seriously looking at possible lots we could buy to build on in the future. While I liked the idea, I never really thought we would be able to find something that we could afford, but it was still fun to look and dream. There was one lot in particular that we both really liked. It is pretty close buy. It was the right size (1/2 acre), in a nice neighborhood (or what looks like it will homes have been built on the street yet, though the next street down is the street of a really good friend of mine), and it was bank owned, so the price wasn't too high. Still, it was too high for us to really do anything about. We watched it on MLS over the next couple of months as the price would start to drop. Finally, we decided it was low enough that we could make a low-ball cash offer that they might accept. I called my cousin to ask about her realty services. She said she hadn't worked on land deals, but would find me someone who could help us. Then, she called me back a day or 2 later to say that she decided to look into the purchase so she called the listing agent only to find out that someone had made a cash offer for over their asking price so we were out. Too bad. I shut the door on that idea and moved on. A month or 2 later, Dave was once again looking on MLS and saw the same lot relisted. Hmmm...wonder what happened with the previous offer? Still, we decided once again we would move on it (and again, the price was dropped again to even lower). We put our offer in and were told that there were multiple offers. So we upped our offer a few thousand and hoped for the best. A few days later, we were once again told too bad. It went to someone else. Once again, I closed the door and moved one. A couple of weeks later, I was at girl's camp and Dave called me to say our real estate agent had called and told him that once again, the lot was listed (and again, the price was lower). They resubmitted the offer and then the real waiting game began. Finally, a few weeks ago, we heard back. We got the lot!!! We are very excited and I've been having lots of fun dreaming up my dream home and thinking of all the fun things I want to do in our house. Yesterday, we were finally able to go and sign and today, it will officially recorded. Yea!!!

Here it is... Our very own piece of dirt.

Our dirt also came with a mystery pipe sticking out of the ground in the back. I've checked every recorded map, talked to the developer, the city, and the surveryor. I've gone out and measured how deep it is (my tape is only 16 ft long, so the length is still a least 16 feet--it goes about 3 ft down, then runs parallel to the ground as best I can tell). Dave went out with a shovel and pick and started digging at it. answers. I've decided whatever it is can't be too important or something would have turned on the maps. Still, we are quite curious. Any guesses? Does it really go down into some surprise gold mine? Hmmm... Tell me what you think.Anywho... we are really excited about this new experience in our life and are really grateful for this opportunity!


Leefamlee Treasures said...

YES and we are so excited that you will be our neighbors someday! Hopefully, SOON!

Some Kind of Crazy said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That is super exciting news!

Em said...

Very cool Cheryl!

The Curtis Family said...


Name Without End said...

I think the pipe in the ground goes to China. Send an order for Moo Goo Gai Pan and see what happens.