Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Time!

There has been so much going on this time of year! I've just downloaded the pictures over the last couple of weeks, so now I get to start going through all that we have done over the last few days.

We always start of December with a special Christmas candlelight dinner on December 1. We pull out all the fancy dishes and napkins. It is fun and the kids love it!

Here are my little sweeties sitting down for their dinner.

...and toasting the joy of the season! (they were so excited they got to have Martinelli's in the special glasses) Sheem, sheem, banana, nana! (this is a special toast that Dave did growing up as kids and has passed it on to our kids)

You have noticed that one of my little angels is missing from the table. She fell asleep before we ate, and I wasn't about to wake her up!

Here are all the kids:
L (holding KL who was trying to get away), CK (sound asleep), D, and B


nicole said...

I love this tradition of yours! I'm sure the kids will love it also. Do you have a specific meal you make each year also, or does it change?


everyone looks great and the special dinner is a great idea. I know the kids will remember it and most likely keep that tradtion going in there homes. well the girls at least. lol