Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And A Merry Christmas To You Too, Buddy.

Saturday morning, Dave and I took the kids down to the dollar store so they could do their Christmas Shopping. This year, for whatever reason, the school didn't do a Santa's Secret Shoppe, so we had to make the effort to take the kids. It was pretty amusing to see the things they came up with. L had drawn B's name and so she picked him out some deodorant. She also got really excited when she found a new pair of glasses to give her dad. I had to tell her that she might want to pick something else, because he can only wear the glasses that his doctor gives him, and not the kind you can buy at the dollar store (though, think of the saved money if he could. :) )

After we left, we drove past Costco, so Dave suggested that we take the kids in to get a hot dog for the kids. After all, where else can you take your family, get 7 hot dots, 7 drinks, and 3 churros all for under $15??? As we pulled into the parking lot, Dave drove past a car that he said would be his next car, then drove a little ways further and parked next to a somewhat similar car. As we got out, the kids were somewhat intrigued by this car that their dad said he wanted. They all looked at it, and L went so far as to look inside it. I told her to step back, but she was still looking. She had her hands cupped around the window and looked in. Again, I told her to get back because she was going to get the car dirty. This time, she came right over to where we were standing and we all turned to walk into the store. As we turned, the obvious owner of the car was marching towards us. As we passed him, he very curtly said, "I would appreciate it if you would step back from my car." I simply said, "Sorry." Though I really wanted to say, "In case you hadn't noticed, we aren't standing by your car any more and my daughter moved as soon as I asked, so please remove the stick from up your rear end, and just lighten up." Like I said, I didn't say that.

After enjoying our lunch, we walked back out to the car, as I got to my door, Dave said, "Looks like our friend left you a little present." Sure enough, there were some greasy napkins stuck under my door handle. Ok... Whatever. I chuckled a little immature idocy (after all, the guy looked to be in his late 30s-early 40s, plus there was a car seat in his car, so he obviously had at least 1 kid). I took the napkins and walked around to the front to find a trash can, when I noticed 2 smashed pieces of pizza stuck to my windshield under my windshield wiper. Seriously? Are you kidding? Yeah. He really showed us. Now, just to clarify, I'm not saying that L didn't do anything wrong. After all, I told her not to touch the car, but still... give me a break.

The kids were absolutely shocked that a grown up would do such a think. CK especially was quite traumatized and kept asking if we were going to call the police. I tried to make it a teaching moment with the kids. I said I'm sure that someone had done something mean to him, and rather than let it go, he went and did something mean to someone else. I tried to point out that this is what they tend to do to each other quite a bit and that what we were going to do was just let it go and forget it about it instead of passing this one to someone else. I also told them that we can do the same thing with nice things. When we do something nice for someone, they want to do something to someone else, and that can get passed too. Still... the kids had a really hard time getting over it... mostly the girls did. Dave and I both had to quite forcefully that the episode was over and we were done thinking about it. So... here is me being done thinking about it! :)

Really though, I do find it laughable. Also, jokes on him because we got free pizza out if it, and someone from his family will have to go without, right? ;)


nicole said...

I'm curious to know what kind of car it was. And what holiday spirit! I can't believe that guy.

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