Sunday, March 15, 2009

Big Day For D

Yesterday was a busy day for D. He and B had their first Flag Football games of the season. Unfortunately, KL has been sick all week, and L woke up yesterday feeling sick as well, so Dave and I had to tag-team for the games. I had to stay home for B's game, so hopefully, next week I'll have pictures to post of his. Anyway, D and I worked hard all morning to get our food room emptied (I'm getting shelves built in next week... Yea! More to come...). As soon as we were done with that, we headed off to his first game. They won! This isn't something his team is accustomed to. Last season, they didn't win a single game. Of course, it was an 11-12 league that D and one other 10 yr old was able to join. They also had kids that they added to the other teams because there weren't enough 13-14 sign up. But, D's team was full, so they didn't get any of the big kids. (I put a post of it, with illustrative pics of the difference here). Anyway, this season, the league is for 9-11 yr olds. There are 3 kids that have since turned 12, and there are no kids on the team less than 10. This bodes well for their season ahead. Like I said, they won yesterday (27-6) and that was without 2 of their biggest players. I keep reminding him that it doesn't matter if they win or not, but it is still fun to win now and then!

As soon as we got home from the game, it was time to head out to the Pinewood Derby. This was D's last pinewood derby. It was definitely his (my) best year! He's (I've) gotten better every year. This year, he/we took 5th over all. He would have placed higher, but he had one race where he went up against the top 2 overall, so he came in last in that heat, but not by much! Other than that, he always came in first or 2nd. Yea! We'll really have this down next year for Brandon.

Just before we left, he told me his head was hurting (this wasn't the first time... I had given him some motrin in the morning). I felt his head, and sure enough it was feeling warm. We got home and I took his temperature. He was running a fever. Then, I looked over at CK who was looking a little drained and took hers. She was running a fever too. Then, just for fun I took B's. He was running a fever as well (he soon after started complaining of a sore throat). So, we spent the rest of the night at home trying to take it easy while all of the kids fought their fevers. This morning, we are all home from church, but thankfully, the girls seem to be doing better. Cross your fingers that it doesn't spread any further! I really don't feel like being sick.


Mary-Sunshine said...

Congrats to the football team! I can't imagine how good it must feel! And second, i am sorry all the babies are sick. YUCK! I guess I won't be coming over to exercise. let me know when they get better

Larsens said...

ok... seriously, some of us dont have the opportunity to see your kids everyday so PLEASE put some more pictures up!
love and miss you guys!