Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dude and Shalae

Last weekend, my baby brother got married! Crazy!! Technically, he isn't my baby brother in more... we have since added 2 more brothers younger than him, but since he was the last one I got have as a baby, he is still my baby brother. He has always been so much fun to be around. His name is Erik, but he has always been "dude." A few months ago, Dude started bringing a special girl around the house--Shalae. She quite a doll and we love her. They got engaged on Feb 15... that's right! Just over a month ago. They were trying for a slightly later date, but when you are trying to schedule around 10 siblings on just one side alone...well, it gets tricky. After a few failed attempts at other days, they settled on March 20. It was a bit of a mad rush to get everything ready, but it turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous day!

While we were waiting for them to come out of the temple, KL tipped over stroller and sat down. I guess she was after more of a "recliner" affect.
Just coming out of the temple. Does my brother seem a little happy?Shalae modeling her shoes. Love it!
B and Z. Their hair isn't done because they had come straight from their football game. Our neighbor picked them up and brought them. They are such good buddies and so lucky to have each other!
I'm not quite sure why she was pouting here, but I still thought she looked cute.
I think it was because it was Shalae's family's turn for pictures adn I told her she couldn't stand by Shalae (who was quite the princess...even more of an attraction for KL!)

The "Pug" side of the family/friends posing for our picture. Isn't nice to know that in my current state, I can stand out so well in such a large crowd of people?

As we walked around to the other side of the temple for more pictures, all the little girls just gathered around the happy couple. I kept trying to get a picture from the front, but in my condition, I just couldn't move fast enough. At one point, KL was up on Dude's shoulders. I wish I could have got that. My brother assures me that the photographer got plenty. Maybe I'll post that later. Still... it was cute to see the crowd of little girls trailing after Shalae.
Grandma and Grandpa, Shalae, Erik, Mom and Dad
My dad's parents were there too, of course, but my grandma wasn't feeling up to waiting around for all the pictures, so they left before all the fun got started.

Erik, My Grandpa, Shalae
My grandpa was the one who sealed them.
Here we are trying to get all the kids together.
I just laugh at the look on Sam's face as he "tolerates" all of us adults!

Erik and Shalae and all the nieces and nephews

CK, Shalae, EvelynneErik and my mom

While everyone was taking pictures, my sweet little nephew Gunnar was having fun playing with the dirt/wood chips around the trees. I just couldn't resist taking his picture. Isn't he cute?

Shalae really wanted to whole thing to be casual. She didn't want a typical formal wedding reception. So, casual was stressed. The theme was that of tropical beach party. It was lots of fun. They had a fun little place to stick your head in and takc pictures. Here are CK and Evelynne.They really did a great job with the decorations. It looked really great in there. This is the "Ice Cream Sundae" table. As you can see, it wasn't easy keeping the little kids away from it!

Dave and KLD, CK, L (holding Shalae's nephew), Anna

My family... yes we are getting pretty big. Crazy thing is that there are still 5 people who aren't even married yet! Can't imagine what the family picture will look like at the last wedding!Our little family:
Me, B, D, Dave
My sister Mariana at the entry, welcoming all the party-goers
I had bought a bunch of these flower clips for everyone to wear. As people would leave, and as we were cleaning up, everyone would just come and clip them in my hair. I could've have gone and got the box for them, but that seemed too much effort. I started looking pretty ridiculous though!

KL had lots of fun all night long. She just loves to dance. I kept looking over and finding her like this... Occasionally, she would ask Dave or I to dance with her. But even if we weren't up for it, it certainly didn't stop her!

Anyway it was a great day and we are so happy to welcome Shalae into the family.
We love you guys!


Mary-Sunshine said...

What a beautiful post! Serisouly, her dancing skills are impressive...she must get them from me!

Erin A said...

What fun! You look wonderful "in your condition!" I love your family!