Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Own Little Fred Astaire

This year in school, D rotates through different electives each quarter. There were 5 total he could choose from at the beginning of the year. Obviously, he could only choose to not do 1 class. I was a little surprised when he told me he would be taking dance instead of choir. Of course, I was fine with it. He just finished the quarter and he had quite a fun time with it all. Here are some pictures of their little performance they did at the end of the quarter.

Getting ready...
(like the shirt, Katie and Jon? Think of it as our little tribute to you!)

Dance #1:End of dance #1:

This is his 2nd dance... Enjoy!


me said...

good Job D!!

Name Without End said...

I loved this! David, you are a really good dancer.

bethiepoos said...

ahhh that was soo cute! I will be watching out for him on s.y.t.y.c.d!!!!!!