Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Worst Part of Toddlerhood.

A couple of months ago, I thought I might attempt potty training. To put it short, it was a fiasco. In 2 days, KL didn't go on the toilet once. I gave up at that point and decided I would deal with it later.

Earlier this week, I decided "later" had come. I decided this, not because she was suddenly starting to show some new signs of "readiness", but rather because I have not had a rug down in my family room for some time. I ordered a new one and it had a big hang up, and several delays. Needless to say, I decided I would rather her pee all over the hard wood floor, than a brand new rug.

We started out venture on Monday--late morning--after we had finished our errands. You see, I knew that once I started this, we would be pretty homebound for a while. Well, the day started off much the same as our last attempt. She would sit on the toilet, but never go in it. As soon as she would get off the toilet, she would have an accident. Finally, at about 7:00 that night, we made progress. She finally got it right. Naturally, I had to make a big deal and tell her how wonderful she is. Here is a picture of her just after her big moment.

I am happy to announce that she really has seemed to get the hang of it. I'm sure we will still have several setbacks, but she really does understand when she has to go to the bathroom and knows that she gets a treat if she does. She also gets several "high 5's" and then she starts chanting, "oh yeah! oh yeah!" It's pretty funny.

I do have to say that potty training is the worst part of parenting toddlers in my mind. I had always been told that girls were so much easier that boys, but in our family, the opposite has been true. Both boys had it down in just a couple of days, while the girls, with all their stubborn attitude, have gone through moods of deciding that the whole thing wasn't worth their time. I'm glad that so far, KL hasn't shown that same attitude as her sisters... but like I said, she is new at this. Hopefully we continue on the track we are on. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

By the way... my new rug did finally come and I love it! So far, no accidents on it!


nicole said...

Jill told me you were attempting potty training. I was so tempted to just drop Isaac off to you also. Dylan was so easy to train. Isaac on the other hand will go on the toilet, but refuses to tell us when he has to go. I'm not sure even he realizes he has to go yet. It's driving me bonkers!

Name Without End said...

Potty training was the hardest part of motherhood for me. I used to get evil thoughts about mothers who would tell me how easy it was.

Katie said...

I feel your pain! I just spent the last week trying to get K to use the potty. I think this is our very first day without an, I don't know how many more times I can do this (and I have only done it once)!?!?!?