Saturday, January 9, 2010

Boy's Weekend

My boys got to go on a fun weekend trip for one of their Christmas presents last weekend. Dave took the boys up to Denver. They had so much fun. I want to first thank Annie and Spencer for making it such an amazing weekend for them (they are still talking about it), and also Dave who has never taken so many pictures in his life!!! I decided it was more fitting for D to write the report on this trip since he was on it so here he is!

First thing we did is go to the team shop at the stadium after Annie picked us up.
Alright so here is Tyton's toy four-wheeler that he got for Christmas it was the first thing he showed me and B when we got to their house. He loves to crash it into the walls, that would just drive Annie nuts.
Later that day we went sledding it was totally awesome. Here I am at the bottom of the hill.
Here is us going off the ramp me and B tried doing stunts here is us trying a no-hander pull. This was one of many bails. B is at the middle of the hill and me at the bottom
Here is B's first time of the ramp. He soon learned how to get huge air, but I still got higher (not meaning to brag but I was soaring like a butterfly and stinging like a bee).
There is T lying on the ground crying every time he fell he would scream and cry but then get right back and try again his friend Luke is asking him if he is okay.
The next day we got a tour of the practice facility and here we are in the training room.
Here we are by my T-2nd favorite players locker Eddie Royal (With Peyton Hillis.)
Here we are in the equipment room well not me but dad and T.
Here are me and Brandon in the equipment room(believe it or not the background is 100% shoes I mean who could use so many shoes and the walls were huge).
Still in the equipment room but this time next to the shoulder pads.
By the video equipment.
In the cafeteria.
By the Vince Lombardi trophy and it was so cool just moments before I saw and talked to Eddie Royal.
A background full of History.
By the door about to leave.
Just before church T and G were being so cute. Later that day we went bowling and even saw Knowshon Moreno. (quick mom edit... they went bowling on Sat afternoon... not Sunday afternoon)
Warming up for the Chiefs if you look hard you may see Spencer and Peyton.
Huddled up just before kickoff.
Thunder the horse.
Entering the field.
There is Spencer on the opening kickoff.
We had VIP passes for after the game so here we are on the sidelines.
Here we are at the temple there was snow everywhere.

Then we went to a cool amphitheater called The Red Rocks. All sorts of famous people have been here ranging from Muse to Bill Cosby to The Beatles. Here is Gr he is so cute.
Here is the theater.
Behind the stage on the cliff.
At the top of the staircase at red rocks it was a great view.
Climbing in the cliff with Tyton and Gunner.
We then had some hot wings and my dad and Spencer combined had like 45 wings. Then afterward we went to bass pro shops and there was a huge catfish.
Here is me and Gunner on an ATV.
Tyton on an ATV.
Afterward we went outside and in the parking lot we put on Spencer's gear here are some pictures.

It was an awesome weekend.


The Curtis Family said...

Love this post by D. But Cheryl, really, you need to educate your son about the absolute best performance that has ever taken place at Red Rocks... Do I need to remind you that U2 filmed a great deal of Rattle & Hum there?

Larsens said...

we did have so much fun with those boys. they had us craking up the whole weekend. only one correction, we didnt go bowlin on sunday, it was saturday that we went bowling and d saw knowshon moreno.