Friday, April 6, 2012

New House, part 1

I'm finally trying to get the pictures from our new house posted. I keep thinking I will get everything cleaned up and ready to take pictures of to post. I realized that getting everything clean at the same time is never going to happen, so I'll just go room by room.
Here is our kitchen when you first walk in:

In the entry way, looking towards the kitchen table and family room (across from the island)

Family Room

I just have to brag a bit about this beautiful mantel. My extremely talented, 88 year old Grandpa made this for me. I asked him if he could, and showed him a picture of what I liked. He completely exceeded my expectations. I love this so much. It is probably the best part of my house. I love that we will always have a part of him in our home!

A little less glamorous, but still something I love! This is my pantry. You can only see a little less than half, but I love it because there is so much shelf space, room for my extra fridge, my deep freeze, and best of all... it is right off my kitchen!!! I can easily access all of this stuff!!

Again, great, but not the most gorgeous thing to look at. My Laundry Room. I love how fast I can get through the laundry, and most of all, I love that i have an actual laundry ROOM and not small laundry hallway. I can do laundry and not have piles of clothes, both unwashed, and washed waiting to be folded, all over my house!!! It's the simple things that make such a big difference.

So there is a start to our house. I'll do some more cleaning and take more pictures soon!

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Sally said...

Gorgeous porgeous, Cheryl! Holy cow! What great taste you have, and how lucky you are to live there.