Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Growing up, I was always being read books that would say things like this: "It was a sad rainy day." or " It was a beautiful sunny day." Living here, that just never seemed to make sense. Since rain is so rare, it is like a holiday around here. As soon as those clouds roll in, everyone just sits in anxious anticipation with their fingers crossed just hoping against hope we get that ever elusive rain.

Well, after a very long, hot, and miserably sunny summer, we got rain last week! It was such a fun couple of days. There was lots of rain, thunder and lightening and we were out enjoying every second we could!

here are the little kids bundled up under the umbrella
KL, Sam, CK, Lily

It amuses me that no matter what I say to my kids, rain =cold weather. This is even true when it is 100 with rain. It is so rare here, that it really feels like everything should be cold! So, as soon as the first drop falls, the girls go running for the coat closet and get out their heaviest winter coats. Here is KL walking over to Sam's house in the rain, all nicely bundled! (in her defense, the temp did go down to about 75. Not cold, but quite a change from the 109 the week before!)

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