Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Celebrations

CK ended up having lots of celebrations for her birthday. It started the day before her birthday. We had all the family over for dinner. She picked to eat "basagne" and she even helped make it! Dave had a trial that started on her birthday, so he couldn't be there for a party on her big day, so that's why we had the big celebration early.

Dave's cousin Andria spent hours making her this beautiful cake:

Very unfortunately, she tripped as she was carrying it out to the car and it fell. So sad! Luckily, we had made some cupcakes to take to school, so we still had something for CK's candles.

On the morning of her birthday, we had a little friend party before she left for school. The only thing she care about the most for this party was having a pinata. She was so proud of it. Here she is taking the first crack at it:

KL also really enjoyed hitting the pinata. D had stayed home from school "sick" so in the end, he is the one who knocked it down.

All the kids proudly showing off their candy

Blowing out her candles (with some help from KL)

That night, we got some pizza (her other dinner request) and took it over to grammy's and grandpa's and went swimming. Once again... here she is blowing out her candles.

Being sung to:


Some Kind of Crazy said...

That looks like so much fun! So sad about the cake. I can't imagine spending hours to get it so cute only to be cut up and eaten. You are a wonderful mom!

Sally said...

Cheryl, I'm thinking of you right now, you wanna know why? iTunes is playing its way randomly through my collection, and it just treated me to Go West, which forever reminds of you. :) Have a great Friday! Love you!

Anderson Family said...

Oh that is so sad about the cake! Glad to hear you had a back up for the school treats. Good thing she got a picture before it fell as well!

Abby said...

Fun birthday! What a lucky girl!

Too bad about that cute cake! I totally did the same thing when I took cupcakes to my son's school one year. Then I had to go home and make more so the world wouldn't come to an end. :)